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I’m stuck with my one-night stand. What was supposed to be a quick and blissful night with a yummy stranger has turned into my worst nightmare, thanks to a nasty storm and power outage. The carefree single life I choose to lead only works because I wholeheartedly avoid getting to know the guys I meet. And now, I’m dangerously close to being swept off my feet by the tattooed former soccer player. I can’t escape learning every intriguing detail about him. Not that it matters, of course. I won’t be seeing him again. Except fate intervenes, and I do see him again—and he asks me to marry him. With wild hair and charm for days, Wade Jameson is the stuff of fantasies. It’s why I hooked up with him in the first place. But marriage? Ha! I cherish my single life like I do my margaritas. But when he insists I’m his best option to get custody of his daughter since we have “a history,” I can’t say no. I can’t share with him the main reason I say yes, either. That would mean getting even closer to him, and developing real feelings for my fake husband would be a mistake. But the more we pretend to be a family, the more I surprise myself and wonder… what if we can have it all?

After her mother’s death, Taylor Hale goes to live with her father on the remote island of Dawnhaven. She’s dreading it, but she has a plan: she’ll keep her head down, survive senior year, and ignore that her wicked stepmother treats her like trash. Then she meets wealthy summer resident James Champlain, and everything changes. James is tall and strapping, with a square jaw. In addition to his looks, he’s charming, funny, and kind. Taylor is increasingly drawn to him, but they’re from two different worlds. She was on food stamps, he lives off a trust fund. Then there are the rumors: the locals say he’s running some sort of cult at his estate. Taylor doesn’t believe it, but James is definitely mysterious–as is Dawnhaven itself. There’s something dark in the island woods, something dangerous. When Taylor encounters it, she learns that not only is James not what he appears…nothing is.

How can you know where you’re going if you can’t remember where you’ve been? Charlie Monson has spent her entire life pining over Kirk Palmer. In fact, she chose to be a nurse just so she could work beside him at Laguna Beach’s Mission Hospital. Zach Walden has lost seven years of his life. He can’t remember leaving his football career or creating the Wonder Weight Loss app that has supposedly made him a billionaire. And worse, he can’t remember his fiancee, the beautiful Eva Caron. Retrograde amnesia, it’s just one of the things Zach has to learn to deal with. But all he wants to study is the charming nurse who saved him, Charlie Monson. Unfortunately, Zach has a life that includes a cast of friends and foes demanding his attention and he not only has to relearn their names—he also has to come to terms with who he thought he was and who he’s become. Meanwhile, Charlie thinks she’s in love with Dr. Kirk Palmer, but the more time she spends with Zach, the more she learns that maybe she’s the one who needs to wake up and recognize what real love looks like.

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