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The firecracker barrel racer next door ignites a passion I thought I’d buried. Willow is back in town from her last event, and her energy lights up everything around her. But when fences falter and sparks fly between us, I know I must keep my distance. My reputation precedes me with a past littered with mistakes and regrets. Our parents, wary of history repeating itself, stand firmly against our reunion. I’m torn between loyalty to my family and the longing in my heart. Then, a family crisis reveals the depth of my feelings, forcing me to confront the truth I’ve been avoiding and challenging everything I thought I wanted. As we mend fences and dreams, Willow offers me a chance at redemption. But can I hold onto her heart and keep my own from breaking in the process?

Rivals. I was the rich kid from St. Thomas Academy, while Taryn attended Bessemer Bay High, the local public school. We had one perfect night. And because I never made a promise I couldn’t keep, I offered her nothing more. Five years passed. Thanks to family duty, I’d spent those years as a Marine in Afghanistan, the handler of a bomb sniffing dog. One thought carried me through those years: seeing Taryn again. Our reunion was unintentional. Discovering she had a daughter was unexpected. Loving her would mean I finally had the family I’d always wanted. Keeping her would require a bigger transformation than bootcamp. Losing her wasn’t an option.

A woman in danger. A Marine sent to protect her. Enrique: From the moment I saw Maddie Weeks, I was smitten. We could’ve had a great love affair, except for three little things: 1. It was my job to protect her. 2. She was already married. 3. I could never marry. Then her jerk of a husband blew up. Literally. And our low key surveillance was kicked up a notch. We needed an inside man. Naturally, I took one for the team and assigned myself that role. My cover? Obviously, we’ll have to be married. Fake married. Too bad I really love her.

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