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My daughter’s first day of school is full of surprises. Especially when her new teacher turns out to be my high school sweetheart, the one that got away. When I joined the army sixteen years ago, Harper walked away. Now I’m back, and my only priorities are rebuilding Hickory Falls and raising my little girl. Being a single dad doesn’t mean I’m the lonely lumberjack everyone says I am. But seeing my best friend’s sister for the first time in years has me wanting more. The hurt of past betrayals feels too great to overcome. Giving our love a second chance would mean trusting Harper with my heart, and my daughter’s. Do I risk it all for a potential lifetime with the only woman I have ever loved, or guard our hearts and lose her forever?

A long lost jade necklace. One chance to find it. And two hearts at risk. Izzie Davis might be broke but she will never accept charity. Which is a problem, because the cute guy she met visiting Maple Gardens Assisted Living could solve all her financial woes with a click of his fingers. Keeping her mom’s fees up to date takes almost all her meagre income but she’s seen first-hand what money does to some people. Nothing will change her mind. Bart Brown inherited more money than he knows what to do with, but the one person he’d love to spend it on happens to be a spitfire who sticks to her principles. The only way she’ll date him is if he promises he won’t ever spend money on her. His generous heart doesn’t quite understand but she is worth the compromise. When the family heirloom Izzie’s been desperate to buy back for her mom is up for auction, Bart wants to change the rules to help her. But will Izzie’s principles mean more to her than love? Because suddenly there’s more at stake than a necklace.

Wounded heroes fall hard and fall fast when they encounter the curvy women who heal their hearts. These scarred military heroes have come to Wild Heart Mountain to lick their wounds and hide away from the world. But they don’t count on the curvy women who steal their hearts and help them heal. Expect grumpy single dads, found family, age gap, protector heroes, and plenty of steamy instalove!

Book 1 – Loved by the Mountain Man: She’s too young, too innocent and too damn happy… A forced proximity, age gap romance between a damaged ex-military hero and the curvy girl who hooks his heart. 


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Tessa is a top-flight concert pianist who won’t stand for anyone trying to tell her what pieces she should play—not even an attractive, concert-sponsoring billionaire. She gets back at Chuck Brown by seducing him with her special version of the Appassionata played in three movements: at her dinner table, on her piano and in her bedroom. The two embark on a courtship that takes them through the boroughs of New York City. Chuck showers Tessa with sapphires, diamonds and gold. Noting his gifts are store-bought, in contrast to her homemade presents to him, she wonders if this man of many qualities shares enough of her artistic interests and values to fit into her music-centric world. While she grapples with the possibility that their relationship might have no future, Charlie Brown delves into his past, rediscovering skills of yesteryear and his own true name to handcraft a unique gift that will touch her soul.

If you love Enemies-To-Lovers, Grumpy Billionaire Boss Romances with Sassy, Smart Single Mom, and Surprise Babies, grab this Single Mom Billionaire Secret Romance Box Set with four Standalone books. Happily-Ever-After Guaranteed!

Book 1 – Next Door Billionaire’s Surprise Baby: I just found out I’m carrying my boss’s baby. To start a new life for myself and my little girl, I left my hometown with a broken heart. I promised to work hard to take good care of myself and my daughter. But little did I know my boss would be him. Kane Simmon. A grumpy billionaire and my ex’s older brother… 


(Read the full blurb on Amazon)

I had a one-night stand in Milan two years ago. I didn’t know the grumpy silver fox is my uncle’s best friend… Michael Durand. Gorgeous billionaire and a stubborn jerk. I never thought I’d see him again. But in a cruel twist of fate, I end up living with him while my clueless uncle is away on a business trip. Reminded daily of the mind-blowing night we shared together, the sensual tension ignites, giving way to my wild imagination. In a moment of accidental touch, our bottled-up desires explode, and we indulge in the pleasure between the sheets. Now every time I’m in his presence, multiple O’s follow. I’m falling for him, but I just got the news that will change everything. Now I have to tell my uncle I am pregnant with his best friend’s baby…

One night, Jesse saves Lexie from having to spend time with her sister’s boring friends. After less than an hour of hanging out and catching up, he realizes he doesn’t want her to go and finds a way to spend time with her the next day. When Lexie’s ex shows up at her apartment, and Lexie needs a place to stay, Jesse offers his guestroom for a week until he knows her apartment is safe. By the end of the week, Jesse may not want Lexie to leave, but he’s not sure she would want to stay. Can a guy who’s never committed to anything more than a fun weekend or two weekends, at most, become boyfriend material? He’s never wanted to try, but for Lexie, he’s willing to and hopes that she considers him more than just a distraction from the drama in her life.

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