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A man with a past, a girl without one… Things get hotter than the coffee and sweeter than the pastries. From the moment my eyes grazed over much more of Sasha than I deserved to see, I was infatuated. She was gorgeous, but it was the light in those blue-gray eyes that pulled me in. A beautiful little spitfire. Sure, she’s a bit sheltered, even spoiled. That isn’t her fault. We’ve all done things we aren’t proud of. I certainly have – and I’d have to keep those hidden until long after my sweet angel had fallen in love with me. I will tease her, hell, even court her, until I win her over. No matter what her parents thought, no matter how much of my past came to light, all that matters in this world is that I make Sasha mine. (Well, that and the fact that morning coffee must be served black. This world has rules, after all.)

A sous chef working under a culinary master is trained to play with fire. But with this outrageously arrogant alpha, the fire wants to burn. I fully intended to finish my culinary residency in Chicago until my grandmother had a stroke. But now, I am a sous chef under one of the culinary masters in New York City. Hunter Thomas is a wealthy rising star with a thick blond mane, bright blue eyes, and bulging muscles that no chef shirt could hide. It’s a shame his grumpy personality doesn’t match the charm he’s got going. Heat starts flowing as we work together for the prize at a food festival. He makes me feel like I’m the dough, and only his hands can do the kneading. When we went this far, I knew I would fall for him with no turning back. The judge announces that we win first prize for our recipes including my Spanish cuisine. When he takes all the credit, I end the romance, and now he wants to fix it. My head remembers the burn, but my heart remembers the fire.

Ivory presents like a pulled together hairstylist who never misses a beat. Her best friend, Lila, is the only one who knows about the struggles she faced during her passionless marriage. It’s been a year since Ivory left her ex-husband, and she’s so thirsty for passion, she’ll do anything to get it. Rome’s fiancée left him two years ago for another man. After that, he closed himself off never wanting to feel unworthy again. He likes his life as a lobsterman. Spending days on the ocean and going home to a frozen meal alone means he’ll never get his heart broken again. Then, his aunt Nan gets involved by setting up an online dating account for him. Rome hates the idea, and doesn’t know he’s about to meet an amazing woman who makes him feel things he never knew existed. Rome feels like Ivory’s missing puzzle piece. But when his ex fiancée comes back to proclaim her love, will it make Rome see what he shares with Ivory, or will it tear their new love apart?

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