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Caleb’s no Sleeping Beauty. He’s a cursed prince determined to protect his kingdom from an evil enchantress. Firstborn and Heir to the throne of Ardell, Caleb will do anything to save his kingdom and his parents. Even if it means sacrificing himself to a dark curse. Trapped within the spell, unmoving and barely aware of his surroundings, Caleb is resigned to his fate. Until a bold, half-fey princess frees him and gives him a second chance to confront the Grey Enchantress. Exiled from her home and her sisters, Evie’s been on her own for a long time. Unwilling to sit in her cottage and knit away the days, she’d accepted a clandestine mission. One that fills her with purpose. One she’ll see through to the end, no matter the cost. Saving Caleb wasn’t part of Evie’s mission, but she didn’t regret it. At least, not until she realized the oath she made meant getting in the way of Caleb’s only hope of defeating the Grey Enchantress.

Her gift will bring light to a world of darkness… In 2047, the world exists in permanent darkness. Nineteen-year-old Nadine, a student at NYU, works hard to better her family’s life in the harsh conditions. When she starts having strange visions of someone named Victor, she tries to ignore the flashes, afraid she might be going insane. But when she bumps into a very real Victor, her entire world shifts. Her visions taking a turn for the worse, Nadine is bombarded with prophecies of eerie fates, unfamiliar gods, sharp-clawed demons… and instructions. Along with the reluctant Victor, she finds her path entwined with yet another man, Micah, who may be able to shed light on her dark revelations. Directed down an unbelievable path of magic and mayhem, the three must unravel clues from the visions in order to restore an ancient creed. The chance to bring sunlight to the world again is in Nadine’s gift, but only if the evil forces behind the darkness don’t manage to stop her first.

A dark secret. An annoying attraction. In a confined space, shots are fired and sparks fly. Newport Beach Seagulls winger Peter Holiday is having a bad day. One of his lady friends locked him out of his own apartment when she realizes there is nothing more between them than late nights and hot sex. Because of his frugality, he winds up at his teammate’s door asking to stay for a couple of days. He doesn’t expect Cam – beautiful, bane of his existence – to be there as well. Cam has her own secret she refuses to share. She’s as stubborn as her legs are long – legs he wouldn’t mind wrapped around his waist – and Peter makes it his mission to find out just what it is.

Fallon: Five years ago, I was the poor kid at the St. Thomas Academy, thanks to a scholarship. Sabine was the rich kid at Bessemer Bay High. I never fit in anywhere. She fit in everywhere. She gave me a chance to be something more and I blew it. Like a woman scorned, she pinned the condoms meant for us on my bulletin board. Like an idiot, my kid brother took them down so my mother wouldn’t see them. Me…I was blissfully unaware of either of their actions and after graduation at the dunes, passed out the condoms I no longer needed like they were party favors. The result? Two accidental pregnancies, that I knew about. One soured relationship. And I nearly had my ass beat. Sounds about right. Now, I was home, trying to make something of myself since nothing in my life had gone as planned, not college, not my career, and not Sabine. I didn’t mind so much about the career change, or not finishing college, but through the years my biggest regret was losing Sabine. Then the unexpected happened. Sabine and I crossed paths again. And if I had my way, we’d be walking the same path forever. I was smarter, stronger, and more confident now. I could handle whatever came my way, even if the next accidental pregnancy was on me.

I’m not attracted to older guys, but my grumpy boss has my full attention. I’m prepared for an interview with Billionaire Mr. Fisher at the Polion firm. As soon as I saw him, I became enticed by his stunning and desirable physique. Unaware of his status, we had a dispute that led to the denial of my internship. I became taken back by his arrogance until I’m assigned a live-in nanny position with Mr. Grumpy. With time, my heart begins to soften as I witness him open up from behind his rugged facade. As I fall for this silver fox, my desire to move forward in my career fades away. With my feelings getting deeper, I take a gamble of having my heart broken again. But there’s no other place I’d rather be until I got kidnapped. If he can’t rescue me in time, I could lose more than him…I could lose my life.

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