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He’s her father’s friend. Sleeping with him breaks all the rules. It’s the perfect act of rebellion. Not only am I getting a tattoo, but the artist is my dad’s friend. When I see just how hot he is now, though, I can’t help but think about rebelling in a completely different way. Dylan can help me break all the rules. But what will happen when he realizes I’m his friend’s daughter?

I had a one-night stand with a hot stranger who turned out to be my new boss, my dad’s best friend, and my soon-to-be baby daddy. Going out to the club is not my scene, and those guys are not my type. Until I meet Lucas Hayes. This devilishly delicious billionaire is everything I never knew I wanted, And our one-night stand leaves me a puddle of mush on the floor. I thought I’d never see him again. Until Monday morning when I realize he’s my new boss and my dad’s business partner. And professionally… we clash. Hard. But our constant fighting is charged with something more. He still has the same dark desire in his eyes as he did that night. And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want him too. I’m falling for the man I hate, And when I find out I’m pregnant, I only know one thing: He cannot find out.

She put him firmly in the friend zone, but he wasn’t giving up that easily. Abby Summerhill had a type—the unattainable player. When a friend set her up with handsome science professor, Colin Fitzgerald, she couldn’t believe her luck. He was tall, dark, and handsome, and made her stomach flip in the most amazing way. But something happened during the date that made her write him off completely, putting him firmly in the friend zone. Colin might be handsome, smart, and extremely wealthy, but he couldn’t have a conversation with a beautiful woman to save his life. As a mycologist, he spent more time buried in his research than out socializing, and he wasn’t sure he had it in his DNA to make a woman happy. After his father’s failed marriages, Colin didn’t see the point in trying—until Abby. What began as a friendship turned into something much more. Colin was faced with a decision: remain in self-protective mode or put himself on the line, loving the way that only Christ could love. Sometimes love hurts, but sometimes, it’s the best thing that ever happens to you.

He’s a billionaire with a vendetta. I’ll give him my body, but not my heart. Jermaine Knights is back in Madison Grove. Our explosive unresolved chemistry threatens to set this small town on fire. But I’m not the woman he left with a broken heart. I’m CEO of Crown Jewel Brew, and Jermaine’s plans could ruin everything I’ve worked for. He’s set on revenge, and my life’s work is caught in the crossfire. Yet, there’s something about him that always had a lasso on me. Smooth chocolate skin, steamy bedroom eyes, and when he touches me, I forget he’s my enemy. Every heated glance, every accidental caress reignites a flame I thought I’d extinguished. I’m torn between the thrill of us and the scars of our past. But as secrets unravel, I wonder if there’s more to his plot than just revenge. If only I could trust him again. And now, I must determine whether Jermaine’s a friend or foe.

Be careful when flying over the mountains. You might meet the love of your life. My head is in the clouds and my heart is spinning out of control. Thrown off course by terrifying turbulence, a gorgeous, sexy older mountain man pilot finds ways to take my mind off the stress and takes care of everything on our sudden detour. Including finding us a bed to share. With others, he’s grouchy. Surly. He refuses to stay in one place long enough to settle in. Yet I’ve never felt so drawn to a man. So aroused that I’m losing control, needing Riggs to take over and teach me everything. I’m supposed to be focused on getting into university and getting out from under my father’s thumb. But am I strong enough to keep my focus? Or will our physical desire and Riggs’ dominant protectiveness overrule all logic?

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