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I’m pregnant and the baby daddy is my brother’s best friend… I needed a reset, so my brother hooked me up with a job with his best friend as my boss. Enter billionaire, Cody Blaise. He has eyes that strip me bare and a touch that’s devilishly rare. He needs to be married to get his inheritance and I want to ditch my toxic friends, so we make a deal:
I pretend to be his wife, fake my emotions and convince his grandfather that we’re a real couple. Simple in theory… We’re certainly convincing. Too convincing. Now night after night, he warms my bed, my body, and my heart. I find myself falling, even as he chases his legacy. Cody will lose everything if his grandfather finds out that this is all a charade. And if things couldn’t get any worse, now I have to tell him that… I’m pregnant.

Sometimes life is better as a lie. Malakai wanted to protect his kingdom from threats beyond its borders. Instead, stripped of his magic and on the run, he now needs to save it from his brother, the king himself. Amaryllis wanted to have nothing to do with humans. Instead, stranded in the wrong realm, she now needs to retrieve a lost fae relic with powers no one comprehends. Una wanted to be a knight in shining armor. Instead, haunted by the memories of a life she never lived, Una now needs to find answers from someone she doesn’t remember meeting. When their paths cross, each must decide what matters to them the most. Or risk losing everything they hold dear. In a world where Angels and Shades battle for souls while the Devil sips his tea, the fate of one country, two races, and four realms hangs in the balance when love and loyalties are tested to their limits.

Five years ago, I was the poor kid at the St. Thomas Academy, thanks to a scholarship. Sabine was the rich kid at Bessemer Bay High. I never fit in anywhere. She fit in everywhere. She gave me a chance to be something more and I blew it. Like a woman scorned, she pinned the condoms meant for us on my bulletin board. Like an idiot, my kid brother took them down so my mother wouldn’t see them. Me…I was blissfully unaware of either of their actions and after graduation at the dunes, passed out the condoms I no longer needed like they were party favors. The result? Two accidental pregnancies, that I knew about. One soured relationship. And I nearly had my ass beat. Sounds about right. Now, I was home, trying to make something of myself since nothing in my life had gone as planned, not college, not my career, and not Sabine. I didn’t mind so much about the career change, or not finishing college, but through the years my biggest regret was losing Sabine. Then the unexpected happened. Sabine and I crossed paths again. And if I had my way, we’d be walking the same path forever. I was smarter, stronger, and more confident now. I could handle whatever came my way, even if the next accidental pregnancy was on me.

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