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Falling for my grumpy, arrogant billionaire boss is not on the menu. Elliot Sinclair is the hottest billionaire architect in town. Our paths cross at the Symposium, where my cooking skills are tested. His scathing critique of my food sparks a tension hotter than an oven. But fate has a twisted sense of humor. He’s my grumpy next-door neighbor who needs a nanny for his daughter. I need the money for culinary school, so I accept the job. His little girl melts my heart as I spend more time with her. But getting involved with the boss is a recipe for disaster. Yet, every stolen glance, every heated touch, ignites a fire I can’t extinguish. I’m determined to chase my dreams, but he’s making me crave so much more. One forbidden night leads to an unexpected twist. Now I’m carrying his child, a secret ingredient that could shatter everything.

When Blakely Evans’ father was sent to prison for killing her kidnappers, he asked Gideon “Storm” Ayers to watch over her. Two years ago, the Iron Rogues’ Road Captain realized Blakely was the woman who was meant to be his. But she was too young for Storm, so he protected her from afar, waiting for the day when he could finally claim her. Only before he could come for Blakely, she was kicked out by the foster parents who’d promised him they would take care of her. Believing that Storm had deserted her, she was forced to run to her father’s MC for help. Now Storm is determined to deliver payback to the people who betrayed her. But his biggest obstacle will be earning back Blakely’s trust.

Kat’s southern charm sent muscle spasms all over my body. She smelled like apple pie. I was anxious to know if she tasted like one too. I felt star struck when Troy walked on the elevator. Where did this man come from, I can feel my mouth watering. My mind clears instantaneously while admiring him, I envision him taking me behind closed doors. I’m nearing my thirties, not married, still in therapy learning how to deal with past trauma. This man made me forget with one glimpse from his gorgeous, contagious smile. Tongue tied with embarrassment I introduced myself as “Kitty Kat.” Troy’s facial expression turned inquisitive, locking his eyes on mine. A low sultry tone escaped his lip, “do you purr like a kitty?” His arm wrapped around my waist, as I felt my legs buckling. Anticipation flows through me, as a lifetime of daydreams and desires flash before my eyes. Wait, is this the new Boss…

Leaving behind the bright lights of professional baseball was a curveball I never saw coming. I accepted life as a single dad and coach in our small town. I thought I had found contentment but fate had other plans in store for me, tossing me a neighbor with irresistible charm leaving me aw-struck. Every shared glance between us hinted at a connection, igniting a flame of possibility. I fled my former life, seeking solace in a small town, my heart brimming with desperate hopes of a fresh start. Rory’s kindness and skills sparked new feelings within me, awakening desires I hadn’t recognized. His presence made my insecurities fade, I yearned for his reassuring authority. Even amidst our shared nights, a gnawing sense of unease clawed at me. I felt the weight of unseen gazes, stealthily observing my every move and coiling my insides into knots. Despite everything falling into place, I can’t shake the feeling that something wrong is lingering.

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