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If only I kept my hands off my best friend’s brother… I wouldn’t be pregnant with his baby. I’ve hated my best friend’s brother for as long as I can remember. Spenser Quinn has always had this grumpy smugness that rubbed me the wrong way. Until the night he almost broke my bed and my back stroking me to heaven. I could blame it on the alcohol, but who am I kidding…he’s hot as hell. He left a nobody and came back a sexy ex-SEAL with more money than God. Now we must fake a marriage in order to catch someone we’re both after. Except we can’t keep our hands off each other. I like being held in his strong arms. And the rugged way he moans my name into my shoulder… This is supposed to be fake, but my heart isn’t getting the memo. It doesn’t matter that he’s twice my age with a kid. If he asked me to jump, all I can moan is how high. My friend would kill me, which is only a matter of time, When she finds out I’m pregnant and her brother is the daddy. 

Mr. Not Right For Her: A scarred ranch manager is determined to remain single, but the lovely klutz he hires trips up his carefully laid plans in this sweet, grumpy-sunshine romance.

Mr. Maybe Right for Her: When a cowboy falls in love with his brother’s ex-girlfriend, but refuses to act on his feelings in this opposites-attract romance…

The best way to forget the guy who never knew you existed? Come back to town and work for his baseball team, of course. The world knows him as Silas, Briggs, sexy baseball player on a hot streak. I know him as the jerk who walked away when he got drafted. He was my brother’s best friend, which by definition means he’s off limits. When I get a job offer too good to refuse, I can’t let some tiny detail, like it happens to be for the team Silas plays for, stop me from jumping. I’ll put away all those feelings I had years before and ignore the fact that he was one of the people who was supposed to be looking out for me after the worst day of my life and instead walked away as if I meant nothing. All of that’s in the past, right? Wrong. There’s not hiding anything when it comes to Silas Briggs and he might just be the thing that breaks me. The question is… will the ride have been worth it?

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