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Jasper Westbrook. Code name: Swoon Machine. My best friend’s older brother. Melter of ovaries. Destroyer of panties. And suddenly…a single dad. Guys like Jasper—I bet you know the type. The chiseled arms. The wavy hair. The melt-your-brain-cells smile. Good thing I’m a smart girl—Honey Hill’s former child prodigy, to be precise—I should know better than to fall for this playboy’s charm. Here’s the thing, though. The man is an expert at solving my problems. And he always knows how to make me laugh. And those hands… Those big, rough mechanic hands… Oh, damn. What’s that I just said about resisting his charm? Never mind. Right as our clothes are about to go flying, Jasper’s playboy ways catch up to him. And his life goes to hell in a picnic basket. Welp. Should have seen that coming. What I didn’t expect was that Jasper would turn to me for help. And that I would accept. And I definitely didn’t expect to discover the ‘paternal side’ he’s had hidden all along. When he rocks his sweet baby girl to sleep in those big, tattooed arms, ‘come to daddy’ takes on a whole new meaning. Now, I just want to crawl between his sheets and keep him up past his bed time…if you know what I mean. But we both know we shouldn’t cross that line. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

CeCe Gowdie. Historian, rational, scorns the paranormal. When her boss orders her to convert her Welsh castle tours to ghost walks, she thinks that’s the worst that can happen. It is, until one midnight in the castle tower she meets Patrick—handsome, passionate, dead since 1761. Patrick O’Loinsigh. Bastard son of an earl, brought from Ireland only to be murdered by his half-brother. The moment Patrick sees CeCe he claims her as his own, a claim neither of them understands but can’t resist. CeCe’s body won’t survive loving a ghost, but losing him will tear her heart to pieces. Patrick can’t bear watching CeCe die by inches, but releasing her will hurl him back to a hellish half-life without her. Is there hope in the prophecy of an ancient Irish seer? The spells of Welsh witches? Or is the alchemy of love enough to bridge time and defeat death?

I’m pregnant and the baby daddy is my brother’s best friend… I needed a reset, so my brother hooked me up with a job with his best friend as my boss. Enter billionaire, Cody Blaise. He has eyes that strip me bare and a touch that’s devilishly rare. He need to be married to get his inheritance and I want to ditch my toxic friends, so we make a deal: I pretend to be his wife, fake my emotions and convince his grandfather that we’re a real couple. Simple in theory… We’re certainly convincing. Too convincing. Now night after night, he warms my bed, my body, and my heart. I find myself falling, even as he chases his legacy. Cody will lose everything if his grandfather finds out that this is all a charade. And if things couldn’t get any worse, now I have to tell him that… I’m pregnant.

When a drunken gentleman mistakes her for another on the dance floor, Miss Julia Harbison must battle the gossip and whispers alone. Without any apology or explanation, Lord Rushington leaves her to fade into the background, forcing her into the guise of a wallflower. Angry at his lack of consideration, Julia plots her revenge – to make him fall in love with her before shattering his heart to pieces. Viscount Benedict Rushington is a gentleman inclined towards revelry and has no intention of finding himself a bride. However, his eye is caught by a mysterious young lady who hides away at the side of society but whose smiles pluck at his heart. All the more intrigued, he encourages her to step out a little more, finding himself entirely caught up with her. When the truth is revealed, will Benedict confess how much he adores her? And can Julia bring herself to break the heart of the gentleman she has come to love?

Their happily ever after will depend on just how many tiny truths they’re willing to share… Romance is not part of Rhiannon Saucer’s plan. Especially not when she’s up for a career-defining promotion. So, when her best friend told everyone they were dating, she almost set the record straight immediately. Until she realized going along with the fake girlfriend ruse meant he’d owe her one. Besides…what could possibly go wrong? Zane Anthony has no interest in love, either. Getting unceremoniously dumped by his fiancée made sure of that. But his matchmaking family has made it their mission to see him paired off with someone—anyone—in their small town. So, he said he was with Rhiannon. After all, if you’re going to fake date someone, who better than your best friend? The one and only rule when entering a fake relationship is that no one can ever let themselves develop any real feelings. Too bad no one explained that to Rhiannon and Zane sooner…

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