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A curvy girl with amnesia and an ex-soldier who becomes her protector, until she discovers who he really is… She’s the one woman I’m not meant to fall for. But when Kaci Peterson stumbles out of the ashes and into my arms, I’ll do anything to make her mine. The accident made her forget, and she can’t remember who I am. I have until her memory returns to make her fall in love with me. My Mountain Man Protector is an age-gap, instalove, steamy romance featuring an ex-military firefighter and the curvy woman with amnesia he vows to protect.

I’m undercover as a nanny, protecting a billionaire hockey player and his spitfire daughter. The catch? I have to return home and face the one person who could destroy me. When Aiden Shaw started receiving threats, his parents hired me to get close enough to protect him and his little girl. Only Aiden doesn’t know I’m more than the hired help. From the beginning, we’re like fire and ice, but we’re forced to play on the same team if we stand any chance of winning. With opponents like the mafia, a vindictive ex, and a raving fan against us, we must go on the offense to ensure victory. Facing insurmountable odds, including my mother and a past that haunts me, Aiden goes for a power play. He announces to the world that we’re engaged, hoping this will solve most of his problems. All it does is make things worse, and I’m forced to call in reinforcements and turn to God for help—something I never thought I’d do. As his last line of defense in a game with no rules and the players out to win at all costs, I’ll have to risk everything for us to triumph—including my heart. 

The only thing bringing me back to this small dead-end town, is the girl I left behind. It’s been eight years, but Ember’s wild spirit and emerald eyes still haunt me. I may have left, but I never meant to hurt her. The truth was, I came from nothing, and she deserved a better life than what I could give. Today I’m successful beyond my wildest dreams. Designer suits, fast cars, luxury penthouses, I have it all. But without her none of it matters. I want her back. I want her in my bed. And I want to claim every inch of her beautiful untouched body. I’m desperate for a second chance to prove I’m the one. And I’ll move next door to make it happen. She can love me or hate me. Either way – I’m going back. And when I get there, I’ll do whatever it takes to make her mine.

Meeting My Best Friend’s Brother Leads to a Fake Marriage with my Billionaire Neighbor. As a struggling single mother, I never imagined that I’d agree to a fake marriage proposal from my new next-door neighbor, Adrian, who is also my off limits, best friend’s grumpy brother. But with my mounting financial woes and his need to secure his inheritance, we strike a deal that turns our worlds upside down. Despite our constant clashes and Adrian’s bad-boy demeanor, there’s an undeniable attraction simmering between us, blurring the lines of our fake relationship. Just when I thought things couldn’t get more complicated, his uncle does his best to prove our relationship isn’t what it appears to be. We could both lose everything if we can’t prove our relationship is real… and finding out I’m pregnant with his baby just might be it.

He’s a devoted ER doctor. She’s a former nursing student. Can they find a cure for healing a lonely heart? Dr. Dean Bolden believed in putting his career first and his love life second. Now that he’s gotten settled in at the hospital and he’s working a regular schedule, it’s time for him to find that special someone to spend the rest of his life with. He’s not a fan of online dating websites and he doesn’t want to hook up with someone he works with. So where does a professional bachelor meet the woman of his dreams? Elizabeth Owens did everything she could to finish nursing school. With one semester remaining, she tossed her hands up and placed her career on hold…indefinitely. Things aren’t so bad now being a caregiver, in fact, it’s right up her alley, but she’d rather be spending her down time with someone her own age—like the handsome man who sat next to her on the plane recently. She knows that’ll never happen, but a girl can dream, right? For fans of insta-love and chance encounters, finding your soulmate across the hallway in the ER may not be as crazy and unlikely as it sounds. There’s more than a few fireworks happening in Love Beach this summer! 

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