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I should keep my distance from the big reclusive mountain man. But when danger comes near – there’s no one else I rather turn to. The voicemail on my burner phone told me the worst has happened. My lonely new life shatters when my abusive ex shows up.. Hiking to clear my head, I get lost on the mountain. Dillon, the ex-cop takes me in. Mysterious and seductive, he won’t answer my questions. Vodka and flirting turn into a long, hot night. He’s determined to protect me. I’m determined to stand my ground. A few weeks of hiding out drives me crazy in more ways than one. Trapped and scared, I can’t let anyone know I’m secretly pregnant with Dillon’s baby.

4 Western Romances for your reading pleasure…

Book 1- His Reckless Heart: He was the one that got away. Or rather, ran away. One of seven brothers, all of them hot enough to need a cold shower and a blast of AC. We were supposed to get married, but he ran away without a goodbye. Something about needing to join the military and serve. Good luck, buddy. Hope it is all you wanted it to be. And here he is back again in Green Valley. A wounded warrior. Every cell in my body woke up the moment I saw him again. But I don’t trust him as far as I can throw up. I ain’t interested in building a future in my head that could get yanked away again. Unfortunately, it isn’t my mind that gets to make the decision on where things go with this second chance at my first love. It’s my reckless heart.

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Tender hearts. Urgent touches. Healing love. In the quaint town of Gainesville, Georgia, ER doctor Gene Rowland seeks solace and purpose after years of tirelessly tending to the sick and injured. Eager to rekindle his love for medicine, he returns to his childhood home, hoping to find clarity amidst the quiet streets and familiar faces. Little did Gene know that his home coming welcome starts with a sudden rescue of a persistent baker, Amanda Garner, who got into a bizarre accident. Not expecting such a dramatic return, Gene suddenly finds himself nursing Amanda and feels compelled to help her figure out what happened. Caught between his new role as the town’s doctor, his growing attachment to a patient, and the small-town gossips, Gene soon discovers he can’t resist Amanda’s warm touch and delectable creations. She does more than just kindle his passion. She also has a remarkable power to heal his heart and faith in his fellow humans. Throughout their little adventure, she shows him that compassion and kindness still exist in the world, and even a minor act of kindness can go a long way. 

My best friend’s annoying brother, some spilled tea, and a crazy proposition. Josh Owen’s is the top receiver in the NFL, with a bad boy reputation. He’s click bait fodder for any, and all, gossip columns. A released video shows us “kissing”, and the news is spreading like wildfire. Now me, “good girl” Brie, is in the rumor mills with him. His agent sees this as a golden opportunity for Josh to get on better terms with his team. I think it’s crazy, but Josh needs help. In spite of our love-hate relationship, I agree to be his “girlfriend”. Spending time with him, I get to know the real person, not just the one who’s constantly pushing my buttons. I can’t deny that I don’t hate him. In fact, I like him. A lot. As fake kisses feel more real, Josh brings up making “us” a reality. Only one problem. When my parents died, my heart went on lock down. Can the bane of my existence be the one who’s had the key all along?

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