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She’s a billionaire runaway bride, my arch enemy, and now … my new roommate. Mermaid Shores is my sanctuary. Here, I’m not Noah Clark, the grumpy A-list actor. I’m just another summer resident alone in my grief. Until Caroline Knight storms into the bar in her wedding gown. Running from the altar, hiding from her mother… and the police. She’s always been my rival, the bane of my prep school existence. We are anything but friends and this is drama I don’t need. I should’ve ducked and run, and now I’m stuck. Because her car was confiscated and the hotels are full. What kind of guy would I be if I left her on her own? So I offer her a haven until things settle down. But her presence is a comfort I didn’t expect and I may have gotten her all wrong. Maybe we were never meant to be enemies but always something more.

I don’t date baseball players. It’s basically my only rule. With a father who played the game, I know more than I need to about baseball players. They’re usually players in more than one sense and after one mistake, they definitely aren’t for me. When my dad offers up Knox to me as his punishment, I wonder who he’s really punishing. But Knox is willing to do what I need him to if it means getting back in the good graces of his manager. Don’t fall for a baseball player. Yet, here I am not listening to myself. It’s a mistake. I know this going into it yet… I can’t stay away.

Never fake date your best friend’s sister… especially if you’re a rock star. I’ve been officially canceled even though I’m not really dating the most hated woman in Hollywood. Retreating to my summer cottage in Mermaid Shores to escape the rumors, I’m ambushed by Sabrina Pelletier, sister of my one true friend, and the only woman I can’t forget. A recent mistake with her travel blog has her canceled as well. So when the paparazzi assume she is my new wholesome, hometown girlfriend, we fake a relationship to save our careers. Spending time together awakens long lost feelings but being with me is no good for Sabrina. The press will eat her alive, just like it’s turned me into a grumpy jerk I don’t even recognize. Now I don’t know what’s worse, letting my oldest friend think I fed his sister to the wolves to save my reputation, or pushing her away when all I want her to do is stay.

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