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Everything in this world has a price tag. Even my innocence. That’s what my father thought when he sold my V-card to the highest bidder. So much for that romantic first time with “Prince Charming”. But I give in. A million dollars and a chance to escape the country, far away from my toxic family. I thought I knew what to expect. Some old rich guy who thinks he can have anything he wants. But NOTHING could have prepared me for Kirill Vyronov. Because Kirill Vyronov is not “some old rich guy”. Sure, he may be twice my age and so rich he could pave his driveway with solid gold bricks. Sure, he’s the most gorgeous man I ever laid eyes on. But he’s also the most bloodthirsty Bratva boss on the planet. So, I freak out and make a run for it. But Kirill didn’t pay millions just to let me go. Oh no. He paid so that he can bend me over his knees, claiming every drop of my innocence over, and over again. He paid so that he can savor every inch of me, making me his forever. And as much as I hate to admit it, The thought of it makes me tingle… down there. As much as I fight it, it is a battle of wills I can’t win. And before I could escape this madness that infected my mind, a plus sign on a pregnancy test seals my fate.  

What is art… and how does one become an artist? Dammi Mille Baci (Give Me a Thousand Kisses) is the story of a man who is haunted by his childhood trauma, and the only way he can find peace with himself is through art – expressing himself on canvas – and through the company of his favourite horse. His misery is turned into his source of inspiration to paint. One night, a lady called Hyunah stumbles into his atelier, and the two of them get to know each other. He takes her out to discover the city – a beautiful European capital, rich in art and culture – and their incredible encounter changes her life forever. As an artist, he portrays human weakness and frailty, but when his veiled childhood suffering prevents him from getting close to Hyunah, she finds herself in turmoil and desperation. Would he ever open himself up to her? Amid the unanswered questions, Hyunah finds out that the thief who stole Axel’s painting is right under her nose, and she decides to take justice into her own hands. Even so, would Axel ever accept her heart? 

Caught in the crossfire of a brutal cartel war, she wakes with no memory of their atrocities. She was there, the lone witness to our deadly confrontation that night. I couldn’t leave her dying in the street, struck down by a rival cartel’s car. Taking her in, her amnesia makes her a ticking time bomb, but her presence stirs my primal instincts to protect her. Can a dangerous cartel member become a devoted lover? As her memories stir, so do forbidden passions, revealing my burning desire to explore more than just her memories. With the cartel closing in, every moment is a battle for survival. Her own brother, a ruthless hitman, is sent to silence her. Danger lurking at every turn, will we survive the cartel’s wrath? Our turbulent affair reaches new heights and fuels my dangerous quest for redemption. My billions in networth can’t prepare me for these stakes, she’s pregnant.

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