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It is up to me to save my mate and find a way to defeat the vampires once and for all so they will leave my family in peace… Years ago, I was bitten by a vampire named Marissa, turning me into some kind of hybrid between a wolf shifter and vampire. I lost the ability to shift into my wolf and went into seclusion until one unexpected day, I ran into my fated mate. Against the odds, I now have my mate and two adorable children – but Marissa has plans to take over the world and wants an army of hybrids to wipe out my entire pack. My mate, Lily, is a brilliant doctor who thwarted Marissa’s plans to infect the shifter community with a deadly virus Marissa released on us and Marissa is out for revenge. She has kidnapped my mate and is forcing Lily to work for her. I must find my mate and help my pack defeat the army Marissa has created before it is too late. But am I strong enough to overcome a centuries old vampire who has it out for me?

The path to true love is never picture perfect. Especially in this small town… Jo Stewart never wanted to see her hometown again. Too bad fate (and her boss) had other plans. All she has to do is write a feature on the starlet who found love in Wishing Well, then she’ll put the town behind her for good. It was a perfect plan. Until she ran into her high school crush and started questioning everything about her future. With his brother’s wedding approaching, Jack Turner can’t help but wonder if he should’ve made some different life choices over the years. For example, why hadn’t he noticed Jo in high school? Well, he was certainly noticing now. Too bad she didn’t seem eager to give him a second chance… It’s not long before Jo and Jack realize they could build a happily ever after together. But only if Jo can put her trust in Jack—and in love—when it matters most…

Bronc riding champ Ames Carson is at a major crossroads in his career. His brothers are gonna die laughing if they ever find out the hardest part of his decision is this — should he kiss his best friend before leaving town? He wants to. That’s a given. But he’s afraid of ruining a perfectly good friendship, if it turns out she doesn’t feel the same way about him. That’s the tough thing about being best buds with the girl next door. He knows literally everything else about her but THAT. He knows who her first crush was (not him), and the first guy she kissed (also not him), as well as her first fiancé (not him either). He would give anything to know if she’s done practicing on all the wrong guys and ready to two-step beneath the mistletoe with him. Unfortunately, it never seems to be the right moment, and now he’s obsessing night and day about stealing a quick kiss from her before hitting the road. If she’s not interested, at least he’ll be gone. If she is interested…whew! Yes, please. That’s a problem he wouldn’t mind having.

She’ll never forgive herself. He can’t forget the fighting. With their whole lives ahead of them, dare they risk a kiss? Samantha Young’s wounds run deep. Plagued with guilt because her mother died during childbirth, the aspiring chef is overjoyed when someone finally notices her. But after she falls head-over-heels for a charming jock who turns out to be a cheater, she builds a wall around her emotions forever. Bradley Pierce doesn’t believe in romance. Growing up with his parents constantly arguing, he makes a pact with his best friend never to fall for the lure of affection. But when his heart breaks as a result of her moving away, he wonders if maybe he was wrong all along. Spending the first half of college brushing off any lustful looks, Samantha is caught off-guard when she runs into a handsome guy. And with Bradley realizing he’s more than the sum of his past, their chance meeting may very well have come at the ideal time. Will the two learn and grow from the follies of young love and step into a perfect match? 

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