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Patience: Moving in with my aunt in remote Rye Creek, California was supposed to give me a chance to concentrate on starting my new business. Instead, I’m distracted by the gruff and growly mountain man just down the road. He’s broody and built and begging to be knocked down a few notches. Slate: Eight years ago I abandoned my pro football career and escaped to the tiny mountain town of Rye Creek. It’s been my refuge—a safe place to hide out from the demons I left behind. Until Patience Ford walks into my bar and rocks my stable world. The curvy beauty challenges everything I thought I needed. But can I let go of my past and let her in?

For years, formidable artist Alden Grey has lived secluded in the woods, painting his intense impasto artworks in peace. His paintings demand attention as much as he demands full control over his life. Then, one day, a Rubenesque beauty named Sasha shows up at his door. Sasha is there to pick up Alden’s paintings for an upcoming gallery show, but from the moment he lays eyes on her, Alden wants to give her a hell of a lot more than his works of art. Within hours, he’s obsessed with her, picturing curvy Sasha as his wife and the mother of his children. But as quickly as they’ve bonded, it’s obvious their lifestyles and ages are too far apart. This rugged painter’s passionate fantasy will have to stay a fantasy. Or will it?

He wasn’t the small-town hero I expected… Evan Keller, the billionaire media tycoon who stole my heart and shattered my dreams. From our fiery first meeting trapped in an elevator, I knew he’d be trouble. His chiseled jaw, piercing gaze, and commanding presence left me breathless, even as he mistook me for my twin. Now, he is my boss. I fought our sizzling attraction, but Evan’s devastating charm melted my defenses. Late nights at the office became passionate embraces, his skilled hands igniting my body and his wounded soul capturing my heart. His enemies are circling. Dillon Media and the Mayor, with their backstabbing lies, threaten everything he has built. After a terrible misunderstanding, Evan believes I betrayed him. I am now broken and exiled. Will I follow a new purpose outside his world or find a path back to his heart? Evan must see the truth and fight for me.

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