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I’m pregnant with my damaged boss’s baby. His offer of protection? A fake engagement. Fresh off landing a six-figure job, I hit the club with my friends. As I dance and laugh, his blue eyes lock on mine. Devastatingly hot, his cocky smirk draws me in. When he kisses me, his toned body makes my core clench. Next thing I know, he’s pinning me against the wall. A month later, the man from that wild night is my boss… And I’m pregnant. Turns out he needs a child to fulfill his family legacy. I agree to a fake engagement in exchange for his protection to raise my baby in peace. But our ‘arrangement’ is anything but fake. As he places the diamond ring on my finger, I wish this was more than just a charade. He may be pretending, but my heart missed the memo. Because I’m falling hard for him… for real.

I can’t stand her, but a crash brings us together. Survival is our only option. As a seasoned private charter pilot, I’m accustomed to clear skies and seamless flights. Paige, a captivating, confident, gorgeous power attorney determined to make partner, dives headfirst into a cryptic legal case. She needs to get to Hawaii, and fast. Mid-flight, disaster strikes. Engine one fails. Then engine two fails. We’re hurtling toward a crash landing in the middle of the Pacific. I manage to land on a deserted island after placing a distress call. Survival becomes our priority. Amidst the danger, our connection deepens. Our passions swirl under a canopy of stars.. Paige’s resilience in the face of adversity only fuels my desire. It soon becomes clear that the plane was sabotaged and someone wants her dead. I vow to protect her at all cost, for she has become my reason to live.

Love rock stars? This collection includes the first book from all 3 of Heather Young-Nichols’ rock star series!

Cross – Courting Chaos 1
Daisy – Pushing Daisies 1
Forever Grayson – Forever 18 Book 1

If you love… Rock stars, Forced Proximity, Protector, Age Gap, Forbidden Romance, Workplace Romance, & Second Chance Romance… Grab Rock Stars Falling today!

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