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Two lawyers. One divorce. And a past to overcome. Leo Ward: Born a billionaire and employed as a corporate lawyer, I was driven, determined and obviously easily distracted by a nice ass. How else could I explain marrying a gold digger? In my defense, Sable was sneakier than most. And one fateful night, she tricked me and changed the course of my life. Now, we’re in the middle of a heated divorce, fighting for custody of our son and my money. I’ve always prided myself on being prepared and thinking three steps ahead, but Liz suddenly reappearing in my life was completely unexpected. We’d been friends in law school, and nearly more. Back then, I’d been forced to let her go. I wouldn’t make the same mistake twice. Elizabeth Prescott: Thanks to the partners’ desire for a share of the Ward billions, I was stuck representing his wife in the divorce. Leo was the man I almost dated, until Sable managed to get her claws in him. I hadn’t seen him since. Then we ran into each other at the pool party. Instantly, our old chemistry was triggered and I could tell Leo wanted to pick up right where we left off, but there were two things in the way: his wife, and my heart. He’d nearly stolen it once before during our late night study sessions, but then he suddenly disappeared from my life. No way would I ever let him get close again. 

I knew the only place I would be safe from my psycho stalker was with my dad’s best friend. President of the Twisted Reapers MC. I thought they would protect me, not take me hostage. But I witnessed something I shouldn’t have, and in their world, that has consequences. They don’t know it yet, but they are keeping me safe. For now, anyway. But I’ve become their little plaything, doing whatever they ask. The thing is, I think I love it… Damen is my father’s best friend, who I ran to for help. I know he’s much older, but I can’t resist his blue eyes, silver hair, and rippling muscles. Blaine is always challenging me. Playing a constant game of cat and mouse. I find myself resisting him less and less and giving myself to him more and more. And then there’s Con. A mountain of a man. My sworn protector. He would kill for me. He’s a powerful force, but I know how to bring this badass alpha to his knees. Just when I started to think that this could be my life now, together with my three biker lovers, My relentless stalker catches up with me, and he has other plans. I have to play this sick game of “house” with him to survive and bide my time. I’m hoping and praying my biker lovers will find me before my obsessed stalker finds out… I’m pregnant with the MC’s twins and ends our game of “house.” 

I’m pregnant and the baby daddy is my brother’s best friend… I needed a reset, so my brother hooked me up with a job with his best friend as my boss. Enter billionaire Cody Blaise. He has eyes that strip me bare and a touch that’s devilishly rare. He wants his inheritance and I want to ditch my toxic friends, so we make a deal: I pretend to be his wife, fake my emotions and convince his grandfather that we’re a real couple. Simple in theory… We’re certainly convincing. Too convincing. Now night after night, he warms my bed, my body, and my heart. I find myself falling, even as he chases his legacy. Cody will lose everything when his grandfather finds out that this is all a charade. And if things couldn’t get any worse, now I have to tell him that I’m pregnant.

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