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A sous chef working under a culinary master is trained to play with fire. But with this outrageously arrogant alpha, the fire wants to burn. I fully intended to finish my culinary residency in Chicago until my grandmother had a stroke. But now, I am a sous chef under one of the culinary masters in New York City. Hunter Thomas is a wealthy rising star with a thick blond mane, bright blue eyes, and bulging muscles that no chef shirt could hide. It’s a shame his grumpy personality doesn’t match the charm he’s got going. Heat starts flowing as we work together for the prize at a food festival. He makes me feel like I’m the dough, and only his hands can do the kneading. When we went this far, I knew I would fall for him with no turning back. The judge announces that we win first prize for our recipes including my Spanish cuisine. When he takes all the credit, I end the romance, and now he wants to fix it. My head remembers the burn, but my heart remembers the fire.

After living under my father’s rule, I’m about to break free. My father has kept me on a short leash my entire life. It doesn’t seem as if he likes me very much. To him, I’m a commodity. Something he can trade to grow his wealth. It doesn’t matter that the man he’s chosen for me to marry is mean and cruel. Then Orin shows up at a ball he isn’t supposed to be at. I don’t know it but he’s here for me. Finding out what he is… scares the hell out of me. Finding out I’m his supposed mate… I don’t know that I’ll recover. Orin won’t hurt me and anything I have to deal with is better than living under my father’s thumb. Until a rival pack makes a grave mistake. They take me from Orin and I don’t think any of them will live to see morning.

One night with a mountain man to get over my ex? Sign me up. I’ve always put everyone else first. My patients, my ex, my friends… But when I my ex told me it was over, he said it was my fault we weren’t working out. He called me selfish for taking time away from us to go back to school to further my career, and it shattered my world. Me? Selfish? Well, maybe it’s time that I am. When I meet Sean Watson on a night out with my girls at Lumberjax, he makes me an offer I can’t refuse. No strings attached. No emotions. No games. Just two people being selfish. What could possibly go wrong?

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