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When Rosie pictured her coming of age move across the country to Finley Creek, Maine, this wasn’t what she had in mind. Making friends? Check. Getting a new gig as a teacher? Check. Dead deer on the lawn and a town full of secrets? Cut the montage and rewind. She’d used everything she had and cut all ties, hoping Finley would be home. With quirky parades, a tight knit community, and an admittedly sexy Mayor North, the picturesque town fit the bill for a new start. However, the mayor’s son acts up in class, her new friends speak in a weirdly coded language, and the mayor draws a clear line between us and them. As the pressure to get her classroom in order increases, Rosie also faces growing threats from townspeople who want her out. They even threaten her life. Worse, her own secrets threaten to emerge. She’s beginning to crack under the strain, and people start asking questions Rosie hasn’t even answered for herself. Everyone in Finley Creek is keeping a secret, including Rosie. One thing is certain. Some things we just can’t run from, and the real monsters don’t always have claws.

A visit home for the holidays rekindles a childhood crush in this sweet, small-town Christmas romance. Celebrity country western singer Willa Morgan receives a gift from a secret admirer that ultimately leads to a long overdue visit home for Christmas. On her first day back, she encounters Angel Castellano, a cocky blast from her past who’s been bragging since they were kids that he’s going to marry her someday. All too soon, her annoying childhood nemesis is wrangling her into serving as the interim entertainment director at his dinner theater, baking her one tastebud-exploding dessert after another, and taking up way too much of her headspace. Their trip down memory lane leads to a crossroads. Will she choose a second chance at love or a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity that will take her away from home…and him…this time for good?

Werewolves are anything but a fairytale for Melanie Lopez. Men with wolves in them are as vicious and rabid as they come, for only wild animals can truly tame their beasts. Women who carry wolves get ripped up from the inside out, unable to shift and sentenced to a painful death. Mel’s mother is on her deathbed, fighting back her wolf as it tries to claim her. The same thing will happen to Mel. She can already feel her wolf getting stronger. So she sets out on the hunt for a miracle cure, plus a bonus—the head of her mother’s rapist. He told her to send his son to the Wolf Point Academy. Here, men—and only men—learn to control their wolves. Women are never welcome. Until Mel forces her way in. The customs are barbaric, the men even more so, and the treatment is hellish. The clock is ticking for her dying mother, but so is Mel’s anger. These men are set on taming her. If that fails, they’ll kill her without hesitation. Most of them are rich, muscular, brooding men with feral wolves prowling inside of them. Quite frankly, they’re all assholes. Not to mention the only slightly trustworthy professor, Dr. Aspens. Every girl’s dream if she has daddy issues. These men could be her and her mother’s salvation… or her doom at this Academy. Besides, Mel doesn’t have time for love or lust. This lone wolf is on the attack and nothing will get in her way. 

The Old Royce Estate being haunted and cursed was supposed to be just a spooky ghost story–until Lottie stumbles across three desiccated vampires and accidentally disturbs their slumber. To thank her, they attack her and suck her dry. In a desperate attempt to save her life, her witch friend, Ava, links their lives together–if they kill her, it kills them. But to save her life, she must drink their blood and become bound to them. Without doses of their blood, she will wither and die. Ava binds the vampires to the estate in an attempt to save the town and her friend from their bloodlust, but Lottie gets trapped with them, and they’re starving. It’s a race against time and instinct to break the spells trapping them together before the vampires succumb to their nature and turn on Lottie. Trapped with three vampires, a surly familiar of a cat, and the vengeful ghost of Old Royce Estate, will Lottie survive or worse, will she become just as monstrous as the beasts she’s trapped with? 

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