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My billionaire brother’s best friend who shattered my heart is back in town. Max was the boy I had crushed on. Now, he’s a handsome man with a chiseled jaw and a gaze that can pierce your soul. He’s a man of every woman’s desires. Trapped in my apartment by an unexpected storm, old feelings ignite like wildfire, breaking down every wall I’ve built from my high school tormentor. The darkness and cold outside fail to tame the flame on the inside. Each touch was like a spark, setting off fireworks in my body and mind. It didn’t take him long to completely dominate me. I want to give him my all, but the whispers in town about his scandal haunt me. I’m putting my heart on the line, but for this new Max… I’m willing to risk it all.

My mother and I were given this trip to Ireland when a last-minute injury sidelines my grandma. It’s the chance to learn where I came from, Grandpa tells me. But when my purse is stolen at the end of our trip, I can’t leave Ireland. Without a passport, they won’t let me on the plane. I’m stuck here. Eagan O’Brien is the sexy pub owner that I’ve been flirting with all week and he steps in to help. Offering me his apartment is more than I could’ve expected and I try to flip that kindness into my first successful one-night stand. Getting a replacement passport isn’t each and I end up having to stay two more weeks. Two more weeks of Eagan O’Brien. I’m not sure that one night with him is enough.

A dangerous mission forces me to team up with my worst enemies… Three seductive vampires. Worse, it’s a mission I can’t refuse, and I loathe the team leader. Hudson broke my heart a decade ago, even before he got turned. Hudson and his equally tempting twin Jackson can go bite each other for all I care. Even more infuriating is the buff former bodyguard Nico, who can’t keep his hungry eyes off me. I’ve spent years hunting their kind, dedicated to their extinction. Yet here I am, suddenly using my magic alongside theirs. It makes my blood quicken… just maybe not for the reasons I expected. We’re a misfit team destined to fail, almost as if someone wants it that way. It’s up to me to figure out what’s really at stake. When allies turn into enemies, and my irresistible enemies become more than just allies, I’m left with only one decision: Will I bind myself to the very vampires I once swore to destroy?

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