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I might be in the business of weddings, but I have no intention of walking down the aisle. I’ll just make my millions sending suckers to the altar. It’s an easy gig and I’m far too good at it. Until it’s a little too close to home. My mother is getting married, and she wants me to work with a wedding planner. Talk about a gut punch. My father is in the ground, and she wants me to pick her flower arrangements and organize the seating chart. The worst part? My usual go-to for a wedding like this is no longer in the business. He left his empire to his ex-wife. And she’s… what’s the right word? The worst. Clumsy. Disorganized. Sloppy. I can’t work with an average Jane like her. But I can sleep with her. In that department, she gets a gold star. Or five. Nothing average about her. Maybe there’s more to it than our chemistry. One thing’s for certain. Me and her? We make some kinda romance.

Starting a fake relationship with my best friend’s brother seemed harmless, but faking a pregnancy was not part of the deal! Life for Blake used to be pretty much perfect. After all, he was the superstar football player who could do no wrong, on and off the field. Until he was forced to break off his engagement with his publicist fiancé, as she only seemed to care about his next paycheck. I had matured beyond my teenage crush on Blake after having success with my non-profit career. So agreeing to be Blake’s pretend girlfriend and faking a pregnancy seemed manageable. Even though we both agreed to the charade, the magnetism only grew as we spent more time together until we could no longer keep our hands off each other. Now everything may come tumbling down when Blake’s ex-partner discovers our web of lies and threatens to expose the truth. If our secret is revealed, it could end Blake’s career and any chance of us having a real relationship.

Yuki Yamimoto has a problem with billionaires. If only she wasn’t stuck in a luxury resort with one billionaire in particular! Yuki agrees to be her friend Sinead’s bridesmaid at her second wedding in a heartbeat. She’s a flight attendant and used to jetting around the world, but staying at a luxury resort in Thailand for Sinead and Gabriel’s renewal of vows sounds amazing – like a mini vacation. The only problem is…Declan Moriarty. Years ago, Yuki and Declan shared a mind-blowing one-night stand and a few weeks of bliss, and then nothing. Nada. Was it all a dream? Or a nightmare? Because he cheated on her with his ex-fiancée and Yuki left before he could break her heart. Declan was Yuki’s big fish, the one who got away. An Irish IT geek and billionaire built like a pro rugby player with bonus soulful blue eyes and dark wavy hair. Yuki has a sinking feeling Declan will also be at the resort for the wedding celebration. Declan is a good friend of Gabriel’s after all. But she won’t have to hang out with him, surely? Yuki doesn’t believe in second chances anymore. Besides, Yuki’s just been dumped and humiliated and all she wants is rest and (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Ten years ago, ASHLEY HALE left the Inn at Loon Lake, her family’s business, frustrated by her father’s apprenticeship that treated her more like a personal assistant than heir apparent. Her childhood best friend turned husband, CHRISTOPHER LEWIS, stayed behind, breaking her heart. After her father’s sudden passing, Ashley discovers that he changed the terms of the will to include either her or her husband, whoever stays for thirty consecutive days following his death. To claim her rightful legacy and her only chance at a happy future, Ashley sneaks into the lighthouse behind the Inn with the intention of scaring her estranged husband off the premises by pretending to be a ghost. Unfortunately for Ashley, Christopher knows she’s back. He’s spent the last decade running the business and hating himself for not following her. Her father forbade him from telling her the truth of the Inn’s financial circumstances. In an act of love, he saved the resort and has been supporting her with an allowance ever since. When Ashley accidentally sets the lighthouse on fire, she runs into Christopher’s arms. He hopes her return means a relationship resolution and a chance to show how much work is involved in managing the (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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