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One billionaire troll, one accidental auction, one huge mistake… ‘Earn extra £££ in just one night, human females only.’ Never look a gift…troll in the mouth. Or answer a flyer pushed through your door… Not following my own advice is how I found myself standing on a stage, squinting into a bright light while a monster auctioneer shouts out sums of money the like of which I’ve never even imagined. And now I’ve been bought by the biggest troll I’ve ever seen, at an auction I shouldn’t even have been involved in. Max offers me a deal, if I agree to spend the month with him as his companion, he’ll pay me what I cost at the auction, no strings attached. He might have the deepest, darkest most sinful voice I think I’ve ever heard and when he shows me to the most opulent penthouse I’ve ever encountered, complete with library, I’m more than tempted. As the month goes by, I find I like spending time with my handsome, built-for-comfort, grumpy troll, who turns out to be far sweeter than his granite exterior implies. Yet, all of this is simply a business arrangement, and I can’t forget it. I’m sure I must have made a big mistake and I’m having second (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

He wants her in nothing but his diamonds. Archer Halston, Duke of Crestmore doesn’t care what the world thinks. He’s loved the talented and loyal Miss Posey Frampton for years, and he’s finally ready to propose. Society’s censure, his mother’s pessimism, Posey’s own position in society—nothing will stop him. Except Posey herself, who disappears as soon as he shows her the Halston bridal parure. She knows she can never have him. Posey has been in love with the roguishly handsome and cheerfully charming Duke of Crestmore since childhood. But she can never be with him. He’s a duke, and she’s a jeweler’s daughter. More damning than that, her sister is an art forger. She’ll ignore her heart’s call for Archer to save him from her own tainted association. Diamonds are formed under Pressure. So is their love. When Archer shows Posey his bridal parure, she panics: Those jewels are nothing but paste. The man she loves is in possession of a fake crafted by her sister’s hands, and she’ll do anything to get the real jewels back. Including embarking on a journey to find the real jewels. Alone. Arher’s Posey on the roads alone? Never. The chase is on, and he won’t let her escape this time. He’ll catch up with her. And catch her heart. 

Enrique has always been the baddest boy in the Bad Boys Club, and that hasn’t changed with age. A New Year’s challenge between his brothers forces him to face his childhood fears once and for all. But when he’s paired up with his best friend’s sister for ski lessons, sparks fly, and danger spikes. Leighann believes that no one’s past should define them forever. She trusts her brother when he says Enrique is like a chocolate-covered cherry—hard on the outside and soft on the inside. But her strength is tested when their lives hang in the balance, and Enrique is forced to confront the darkness that plagues him. Will they overcome the odds and find happiness, or will Enrique’s shadowy secrets shatter their chance at happily ever after?

According to town gossip, I’m a grumpy mountain man. They are right. What I am not is a beach Barbie babysitter. Yet, that is exactly what is going to happen. After 10 years as an Army Ranger, all I want is the peace I find in my mountain cabin. Winter is approaching. I’m looking forward to long hours of reading in front of the fire. What I am not expecting. My best friend asking me to safeguard the woman who means the world to him. All winter long. She is gorgeous. Fashionable. Way too bubbly. AND… from the city. There are so many reasons why this woman is off-limits. Yet, I can’t stop thinking about her. I won’t lose my heart to the only woman who has ever made me want more. She is heartbreak wrapped in a dark red bow. I don’t believe in happily ever afters. Do I?

He thought it was just a structure fire. As a firefighter, Bryce Keyes is no stranger when it comes to running into a burning building. What he didn’t expect was coming face-to-face with the woman he loved years ago. Getting her out safely is one thing, but when it looks like she was the arsonist’s target, Bryce realizes he can’t just let her walk away again. Especially not while her life is in danger. She’s desperate to escape. For Megan Bristow, returning to Destiny, Texas was about saying a final goodbye to a dysfunctional family and the memories she’s tried hard to bury. She planned to go in, help her mother tie up loose ends, and get out again. When someone makes an attempt on her life, Megan realizes those loose ends are only the beginning of a tangled web, and she’s been drawn right into the center of it. They’ll have to put the past behind them. Only by working together will they be able to figure out who’s hunting her and why – before it’s too late. 

After waking from a coma, Gabby’s already complicated life is turned upside down. Struggling to recall the accident that led to her hospitalization, she embarks on a quest to piece together the puzzle of her past. As she delves deeper into the mystery, she discovers inconsistencies that raise questions about the veracity of her coma. As if being Coma Girl isn’t complicated enough, Gabby meets her enigmatic new neighbor Ian, who ignites a passionate connection despite their initial clashes. Even when they go toe to toe, nothing has made her feel so alive. Ignoring her brother’s warnings, she finds herself drawn to Ian’s brooding and demanding presence, seeking solace in his unexpected yet vaguely familiar support. The town is gripped by violence–missing people, campus murders, and haunting nightmares plagued by shadowy figures. Reality blurs as Gabby questions her sanity. Did the attacker on campus possess fangs and black eyes or had she imagined it? Is her past haunting her or is it a figment of her grief? As Gabby grapples with these uncertainties, she finds herself at a crossroads. Ian, the man who provides stability and (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

It all started with a life for a life. In the wrong place at the wrong time, Gabby offers up her life to save a little girl only to find herself taken captive by a vampire. Ian is possessive, cruel, and unhinged–claiming she brings out the beast he fights to control. He insists he keeps her for her safety, even as he tears into her neck in fits of rage. Gabby vows to escape, but as she gets to know her captor and the danger he brings, she begins to question her own reality. Nightmares from her past haunt her, and the lines between morality and monsters become more and more uncertain. The beast isn’t the only monster in the church, and the vampire isn’t the only one with blood on his hands. Will Gabby be able to escape the monster, even if it lives inside herself? Like calls to like when it comes to beauty and monsters.

Desperation can make you do insane things. Like marry a monster… Claire: Fathers are supposed to protect their daughters. But my father wants to force me into an arranged marriage to get his hands on my trust fund. I can’t let that happen. So, I’m going to marry someone else first. Lucas Kalantzis is a Greek mafia boss with eyes as dark as his soul. I chose him because I thought he’d be easy to leave when the time was right. Now, I’m starting to realize just how wrong I was… Lucas: A temporary marriage of convenience to a stranger in exchange for a load of cash? Sure. Why not? But Claire Benoit isn’t just any stranger. She’s a pretty little pawn I can use to get revenge on my enemy—her father. It was the perfect plan. Until she looked at me with those sweet, innocent eyes of hers and ruined everything. Now, I’m thinking I need a new plan. One that ends with Claire being my real wife. Til death do us part… 

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