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Charlie is a great PI, just a little down on her luck, and with her mother’s illness, she needs money. She’d always figured her one steamy night with playboy Brant Sparks was more than enough. Yet, when he shows up waving a fistful of cash, she can’t say no. Brant always takes care of his people, so when he finds out his company is getting scammed, he wants to know who’s to blame. And he knows just the PI to call. The bargain is struck, and they spend three days playing lovers on a casino boat in order to hunt down the culprit. But when Charlie and Brant get together, sparks can’t help but fly.

On her wedding day, Patricia Cotter, the widowed Lady of Pruett, signed a contract agreeing to the following: 1. She would never look at her husband’s face. 2. She would never remove the sheets covering the mirrors.3. She would never ask her husband about his past. In return for doing these things, she will have a secure place for her unborn child and her worries will be over. She has nothing to lose by agreeing to her husband’s terms. Yes, she’s heard the rumors about Mr. Stephen Bachman. He was said to have killed his first wife, though there is no proof condemning him of the crime. He is aloof and never leaves his manor. He is practically a prisoner in his own home. But as she gets to know him, she begins to believe her husband isn’t the beast everyone’s made him out to be. There just might be a gentleman worth loving beneath his hard exterior. The questions is, can she get him to let go of the past so he can open himself up to the possibility of a fairytale romance?

Everyone knew what happened. Everything about him felt superior. He was known as the Rebellious Duke, the Spare. Aware of his gaze, I did my best not to shrink under it. I needed this position. I accepted the governess position to help support my mother. The Duke never planned on getting married or having children but, unexpectedly, he became their guardian. I was happy to take over their care. Most of the time he stayed in his office. We avoided one another. He cut a rather imposing figure, tall with a muscular athletic build, at least 10 years my senior. Good looking but cold, seemingly uncaring, and aloof. Then he started to change. The way he began looking at me, drew me in. I was always interested in the children, now I am interested in him also. Could it be possible we were falling in love despite all our differences?

Stranded on an island, forced to play a deadly game. Sparks fly in the face of danger. I never thought a harmless flirtation in a VIP lounge would lead me to be stranded with the one man I couldn’t stand. Him being arrogant? That’s a given. Me being the pilot on his private flight? Priceless. His cockiness knows no bounds, especially when we crash-land on a godforsaken island. With no one but us, he assumes he’s in charge, but he soon learns that even amidst the crash, storms, and our explosive arguments, I won’t back down. Just when I thought we had figured it out, the real danger emerged. A gang of ruthless smugglers, and a chilling ultimatum: his allegiance or my life. When things spiral out of control, sacrifices have to be made. But even in the darkest moments, love finds its way, igniting a spark neither of us expected. Is love enough when every second could be your last?

Iron Creek Brides: Books 1-4 is a collection of heart-warming stories about the mail-order brides of Iron Creek! Will the trials of life in the old west keep these four couples apart? Or will they somehow overcome all odds—and let love prevail? There is no telling when love might come along— but it is always when it is most needed. Welcome to Iron Creek! Here you’ll find everything from peace and quiet, wholesome living, and maybe even a chance at love! As four lonesome bachelors decide they’ve had enough of the single life, what follows is four breathtaking adventures, as these men set off to find the perfect mail-order brides of their own. From a quiet, reclusive mountain man who meets a widow desperate to escape her haunted past… To a blacksmith determined to make his own way in life, who meets an ambitious doctor ready to push her career forward. A faithful sheriff with a town to protect—who meets a sorrowful orphan and her wily, somewhat (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

I can not keep my hands off my dad’s silver fox best friend. Noah shook my world with his rock hard abs and impressive board member. I ran away with a surprise gift, our daughter. Now my dad wants me to work with Noah again. I have three weeks to create magic in a bottle. His condescending behavior drives me crazy. I don’t know if I want to strangle him or rip his clothes off. Our daughter deserves a father and I wouldn’t mind a little mommy/daddy time. We’re working when the building loses power and we’re trapped for the weekend. His hands are on my body in an instant. I should walk away, but…. Damn he knows just how to turn me on. The power comes back on and reality crashes over me. I want this man, but my dad will kill Noah when he finds out.

It all started with a life for a life. In the wrong place at the wrong time, Gabby offers up her life to save a little girl only to find herself taken captive by a vampire. Ian is possessive, cruel, and unhinged–claiming she brings out the beast he fights to control. He insists he keeps her for her safety, even as he tears into her neck in fits of rage. Gabby vows to escape, but as she gets to know her captor and the danger he brings, she begins to question her own reality. Nightmares from her past haunt her, and the lines between morality and monsters become more and more uncertain. The beast isn’t the only monster in the church, and the vampire isn’t the only one with blood on his hands. Will Gabby be able to escape the monster, even if it lives inside herself? Like calls to like when it comes to beauty and monsters.

After escaping the vampire holding her hostage, Gabby faces the danger of the supernatural world she’s entered when she encounters the vampire’s deranged brother. Choosing between the lesser of two evils, she returns to her kidnapper of her own volition. Without being kept against her will this time, the dynamic between Gabby and Ian shifts. Navigating the rough waters of living with the enemy, trying to keep her brother safe from the rest of the vampire world, and ghosts of her past haunting her at every turn, Gabby is fighting for her life and her freedom. However, with her focus divided, can she protect her heart from the monster that she’s vowed her life to? Gabby is now torn between her hatred for Ian and the growing attraction she feels for him. She knows that he is a monster, but she can’t help but be drawn to him. As Gabby and Ian grow closer, they are forced to confront the darkness within themselves and what true damnation means. Will Gabby and Ian be able to overcome the darkness within themselves and find love? Beauty comes with thorns, and every monster bares its fangs. Who will be the first to bite? 

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