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Architect Damon Pierce only wants one night. No relationships. No entanglements. Especially not with his friend’s little sister. He’s haunted by his past. Control is the only solace he knows, but it’s far too dangerous to last. THE DOMINANT is a thrilling private club romance that explores the limits of dominance and submission, of pain and pleasure, of danger and love. It contains the complete VIOLENT DELIGHTS trilogy, including CLAIM, DEFY, and OWN. Sophia Morelli is forbidden. Off-limits. Achingly beautiful. And dangerous to Damon’s peace. There’s no beginning for them. No ending, either. Only an endless sensual madness. When the flames consume them, they face more than their own tortured pasts. They face the breathtaking daggers of the present. And a powerful fight for love.

Haley Ellis. My first love—no, scratch that—the love of my life. And for one steamy summer, she was mine. When summer ended, she abruptly broke things off and walked away, leaving a hole where my future used to be. Now she’s back in Hanalei, the sleepy surf town where we used to spend summers as kids. She’s still fierce, still fiery, and still my little sister’s best friend. I’ve made my home in Hanalei as a surf instructor after a career-ending knee injury. And she was supposed to be getting married… So why is she sunbathing on the adjoining porch, making my blood boil with desire? I want to be angry with her for ruining our happily ever after. But the pain in her eyes ignites my protective instincts. Now she’s reaching for me, not just for safety, but for the love we left unfinished. Can we survive the second wave of love, or will this be our final wipeout?

I had a one-night stand with a secretly mega-wealthy rancher and I thought I’d never see him again. I regretted not getting his number the next day. He was incredible. All I got was his first name and his hometown. All I need is a break from my life and the pressure of my stressful job as an advertising company project manager. After four more months at my insane job, I finally quit. But I still cannot stop thinking about the hot night with the guy from Montana. The way he made me feel like no one ever has before. His smile. His touch. Montana. The place where I spent every summer vacationing on a dude ranch as a teen. And Whispering Pines looks like just the place for a new start. Imagine my surprise when he turns out to be the owner of Whispering Pines. And he does not look happy to see me!

I was given to him as tribute for my family’s actions, but that doesn’t mean he owns my soul. My father entrusted me to the Italian Mafia. And now they’re seeking to collect. Charming, deadly, mysterious, and wise enough to conceal it. Stefano Davidson is a monster, disguised as a gentleman in his perfectly tailored suits. He believes I am merely an object of his desires, A puzzle piece to solve his problems. A girl who will simply sit around and follow his orders. I don’t care how dangerous he is or how enticing he may look naked. He’s not getting my soul. I just need time to play along until I can escape. But some temptations may prove too strong to resist.

He is my new boss, but he has no idea he is my baby daddy… Four years ago, I had a one-night stand and woke up alone in the hotel room with no explanation. Little did I know I would meet him again as a single mom of a three-year-old. Ryan Gray – A grumpy billionaire CEO and my worst nightmare. A false scandal forces him into hiding, and I’m now his live-in assistant away from the city. I promise myself I will never be fooled by him again. But he is still hot as ever, and a spark ignites every time our eyes meet. An accidental touch turns into a kiss, and before I know it, I’m having multiple O’s on the kitchen counter. We’re living under the same roof, like a happy family. But he still has no idea he is my son’s dad. I need to tell him the truth soon. Especially now that I’m pregnant with his second baby…

A curvy girl with amnesia and an ex-soldier who becomes her protector, until she remembers who he really is… She’s the one woman I’m not meant to fall for. But when Kaci Peterson stumbles out of the ashes and into my arms, I’ll do anything to make her mine. The accident made her forget, and she can’t remember who I am. I have until her memory returns to make her fall in love with me. My Mountain Man Protector is an age-gap, instalove, steamy romance featuring an ex-military firefighter and the curvy woman with amnesia he vows to protect.

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