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Welcome to the Shaw Clan! These protective mountain men are ready to risk it all for the women they love.

Protection Of A Bear: His bear wants her, but she’s running scared from her past. Will he be able to save the woman who’s managed to capture his heart?

Devotion Of A Bear: His bear yearns for a mate, while she seeks solace from a tragic past. Can his adoration overcome her feelings of unworthiness and ignite an unexpected love?

Adoration Of A Bear: His bear finds his mate in a grieving widow, but she’s not seeking love. When a mistaken identity intertwines their fate, can he mend her fragile heart?

Captivation Of A Bear: Love wasn’t on his bear’s radar, but then she skidded into his life. Will their fiery clash ignite unexpected love, or will their bickering cement a rift?

A billionaire boss, a steamy elevator encounter, and a proposal that could change everything. Hold onto your seats. I had it all figured out: graduate with honors, land the perfect job, maybe even find the love of my life. And so far, I was on track. Until I became the personal assistant to Jack Edwards, a billionaire businessman known for his ruthless strategies and drop-dead gorgeous looks. It was a dream job… until that fateful night in an elevator. A passionate kiss. His roguish charm was intoxicating, but it wasn’t real. Jack Edwards didn’t do real. Or so I thought… The next thing I knew, he proposed to me. Not for love, but for a fake marriage. A temporary arrangement to fulfill his dying grandmother’s last wish. And in exchange, he was offering me the unthinkable – to be the CEO of his multi-billion-dollar company. I agreed with the firm belief that we would keep it strictly professional. But here’s the catch, the more I try to distance myself, the more I find myself falling for him. And now, stuck in a car, in the middle of nowhere during a raging storm, it becomes clear that denying the chemistry between us is easier said than done. The problem? This marriage was meant to be fake. But what happens when fake starts to feel dangerously real? 

Sometimes you have to lose everything to find your happy ending. Olivia Green has the picture-perfect life. Dating one of the most successful businessmen in New York City, living in a penthouse over Manhattan and a budding career, until one dreadful night when she discovers her future fiancé is a two-timing jerk. Left with nothing, she leaves the city to move back with her parents in the small town of Morgan’s Bay. After his mother dropped a family bombshell on her deathbed, Shane McConnell boards a train to meet a family he didn’t know he had. What he doesn’t expect are the secrets and lies dating back to long before his father’s death. Nor can he predict the beautiful hot mess he meets on the train will find a way into his closed off heart. Both struggling with the realities of their new lives, they unintentionally lean on each other. As their attraction builds and their undeniable chemistry explodes into passion, Shane holds onto his own secret that threatens his chance at love.

She’s moving forward with a clean slate. Christine Alexander wants to prove herself as a top-notch winemaker, and in small town Harmony Valley she’s got a chance to build something legitimate and lasting. If only part-owner Slade Jennings would quit poking his attractive nose in her cabernet. He can’t move on without shedding the baggage of his past. Brooding, numbers guy Slade doesn’t want to return to his small hometown, the place where his life fell apart, much less start a business or raise his young twin girls there. In Harmony Valley, the painful mistakes from his past are at risk of being revealed to his friends, the community, and the attractive winemaker who works for him. Sometimes, the only way forward is the rocky journey through the tough parts.

Betrayed and forced into marriage, the Countess of Blackbourne will never forgive the husband who abandoned her. After eight long years away, the Earl of Blackbourne, Jude Sinclair returns to England with one purpose; to find his wife and end his farce of a marriage. Hardened and cynical from his self-imposed exile, he is shocked to experience a fierce attraction to the woman his wife has become. But even that will not alter his plan to finally be free of her. Clever and determined, Anna Locke is the successful owner of the finest Thoroughbred stables in Britain. Threatened by a blackmailer desperate to ensure Jude never learns the true circumstances of their marriage, Anna must choose between fighting against her husband or fighting for him. With a past tangled in lies, Anna and Jude’s marriage becomes a battleground as passionate anger slides too easily into bold desire. Can they overcome mutual distrust to destroy a long-held secret before it destroys them?

Life isn’t always a fairytale… Lizzie hasn’t had the easiest life. With old wounds from childhood trauma and boyfriends past weighing her down, she has sworn off all men, even if she does meet one that checks all her boxes. He will just break her heart, right? They all do in the end. Maybe Miles Knight is just what Lizzie needs to conquer her inner demons. Miles is used to being in the spotlight but when a chance encounter with a mysterious Lizzie, who doesn’t know who he is, takes place, he knows without doubt that he has to see her again. Will he be able to find her? And when he does, will he be enough to override the trauma that she has experienced.

Sometimes love is the sweetest when you go in blind…folded. Well-meaning friends can either lead to disaster or another chance at happiness. Nolan and Mia have suffered through their own tragedies. Nolan dove into work, taking over his grandfather’s company, and Mia focused on being a single parent and her growing catering business. Individually, they come to the understanding that it’s time to find a balance between grieving and living again. Meddling friends and a blind date photoshoot lead to a weekend getaway, reigniting a passion neither Nolan nor Mia ever expected to feel again. Join Mia in trying to find freedom in his ropes and surrender under his belt; while Nolan finds the peace he’s been searching for being the nurturing dominant she needs. But Mia has more than just herself to consider, and she can’t bear the thought of putting her family through another heartbreak. If Daddy has his way about it, though, the presents won’t be the only thing wrapped up under the tree this Christmas…

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