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I’m undercover as a nanny, protecting a billionaire hockey player and his spitfire daughter. The catch? I have to return home and face the one person who could destroy me. When Aiden Shaw started receiving threats, his parents hired me to get close enough to protect him and his little girl. Only Aiden doesn’t know I’m more than the hired help. From the beginning, we’re like fire and ice, but we’re forced to play on the same team if we stand any chance of winning. With opponents like the mafia, a vindictive ex, and a raving fan against us, we must go on the offense to ensure victory. Facing insurmountable odds, including my mother and a past that haunts me, Aiden goes for a power play. He announces to the world that we’re engaged, hoping this will solve most of his problems. All it does is make things worse, and I’m forced to call in reinforcements and turn to God for help—something I never thought I’d do. As his last line of defense in a game with no rules and the players out to win at all costs, I’ll have to risk everything for us to triumph—including my heart.

One passionate night with a billionaire bad boy, and now I’ll bring him to his knees…in more ways than one. I never expected to see him after our sizzling night together. But now I’m undercover to take down his criminal empire. Every glance from him, every touch, every kiss sets my pulse racing, but I can’t let a forbidden desire cloud my judgment. This sexy stud, with a broken past and a touch of grey at his temples, knows how to light my fire. Again and again. But the more time I spend with him, the more I question the facts behind my mission. Caught between duty and desire, I don’t know if I can betray him since he’s already stolen my heart. I fear the moment when our secrets collide. Even if I choose love over career, I risk facing his wrath and rejection.

If only I kept my hands off my best friend’s brother… I wouldn’t be pregnant with his baby. I’ve hated my best friend’s brother for as long as I can remember. Spenser Quinn has always had this grumpy snugness that rubbed me the wrong way. Until the night he almost broke my bed and my back stroking me to heaven. I could blame it on the alcohol, but who am I kidding…he’s hot as hell. He left a nobody and came back a sexy ex-SEAL with more money than God. Now we must fake a marriage in order to catch someone we’re both after. Except we can’t keep our hands off each other. I like being held in his strong arms. And the rugged way he moans my name into my shoulder… This is supposed to be fake, but my heart isn’t getting the memo. It doesn’t matter that he’s twice my age with a kid. If he asked me to jump, all I can moan is how high. My friend would kill me, which is only a matter of time, when she finds out I’m pregnant and her brother is the daddy.

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