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Once upon a time in Biloxi, Mississippi… Garrett Tucker inherits his grandfather’s casino empire and steps into the reclusive billionaire’s shoes as the new “Prince of Vegas.” Discovering embezzlement in his newly purchased casino in Biloxi, Garrett goes in undercover. His prime suspect? The new finance supervisor… a feisty brunette who stole his heart at first sight. Andi Ryan moves to Biloxi to take care for her godmother. Taking a job as finance supervisor for the renovated Bayou Princess casino, she discovers someone is skimming from the till. Andi starts her own investigation, worried she will be blamed for the theft when the handsome new owner discovers her godmother likes to gamble. Industrial espionage is afoot at the Bayou Princess, and Garrett and Andi are soon forced to work as a team to prove her innocence and save the casino before it’s too late.

An ex-soldier bent on destruction and a curvy girl with a secret that will change his life… A year ago, I met Hope, the perfect woman, and lost her, all within 24 hours. Now she’s back and harboring a secret, the kind of secret that makes a man want to change his life. But I destroy things; that’s what I do. I’m a demolition man, an ex-soldier who knows nothing but destruction. Until I find out about her past and realize we’re equally broken, and maybe Hope’s the only one who can put me back together…

At 35, Sandy’s life diverges from her idyllic dreams. Her husband, Johnny, once a seemingly promising partner, now embodies a monstrous abuser. Their turmoil affects not just Sandy but also her teenagers, Lisa and David. When David steps in to defend his mother, Johnny becomes critically injured. During Johnny’s absence, the Hansen family experiences freedom from his control. Sandy navigates single motherhood and finds herself drawn to a man who introduces her to a world of love and passion. Simultaneously, 14-year-old Lisa faces her first date with a longtime friend and neighbor, prompting the question: will their bond evolve into young love? Upon Johnny’s return, Sandy confronts a pivotal choice: return to the all-too-familiar abuse or embrace this newfound connection, defying her oppressive past.

ZoD: Failing my people is not an option and I’ll do whatever is needed to make sure that doesn’t happen, that is until she runs into my arms. Now the universe be damned because I will sacrifice them all to keep her safe. My very soul reaches for her, but no matter how hard I fight to get to her. My Amouri is just out of reach. Will she ever come to terms with the things that have been forced upon her? Will she finally see the male that is standing right in front of her? Or will my fears push her away? Tessa: I closed my eyes in one world only to open them in another. Terrified and disoriented, I flee, only to find myself trapped in an enormous embrace of the universe’s largest arms. Now I am in a world I don’t understand, surrounded by others who are leery of their master’s new pet. He says all the right words, but am I brave enough to let go of the past and trust what he says is true? Can I turn my back on all that I knew just because I am here now? Or will the creatures hunting them all take my choices away?

Hope: Adam Emerson was meant for me, but unfortunately, his heart belonged to someone else. At a pivotal point in my life, I decided to end my relationship to make room for something new. My change of heart couldn’t have come at a better time. My future began the moment I met Adam. Our first encounter showed his kindness. He swept in on a wish and was whisked away just as fast. During our second encounter, I got a glimpse of his anger. But the third revealed all of him—a man who loves fiercely, even in the midst of grief. Adam: While dealing with a heartbreaking loss, I visited a local cafe for a reprieve. I didn’t expect to run into Hope again or to intervene when some guy approached her. The timing couldn’t have been worse for my interference, but she looked like she needed a reprieve too. After spending minutes with her, I wanted days, and the days turned into weeks. Hope showered my grief with kindness and doused my anger with love. When I wanted to lose control, she wouldn’t let me. She gave me space but kept me close. But there was more to her than I realized. When a shocking discovery is revealed, I’m left wondering if our connection is strong enough to sustain us. Or is it the very thing that will tear us apart? 

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