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It’s against the rules to hook up with your boss. But what if I get with all four of them? Four sinfully hot ex-military brothers, including a pair of twins who couldn’t be more different from each other. Working at their security firm as their assistant made me want more. However, things change when my stalker-ex shows up. Now they take my ex’s threat very personally. They insist I move in with them for safety. Things heat up incredibly fast between us. Now I’m not just in danger from my ex. I’m losing my heart to four men at once. It seems like I might finally get my happily ever after, unless the secret I’m carrying ruins it all.

Once upon a time in Biloxi, Mississippi… Garrett Tucker inherits his grandfather’s casino empire and steps into the reclusive billionaire’s shoes as the new “Prince of Vegas.” Discovering embezzlement in his newly purchased casino in Biloxi, Garrett goes in undercover. His prime suspect? The new finance supervisor… a feisty brunette who stole his heart at first sight. Andi Ryan moves to Biloxi to take care for her godmother. Taking a job as finance supervisor for the renovated Bayou Princess casino, she discovers someone is skimming from the till. Andi starts her own investigation, worried she will be blamed for the theft when the handsome new owner discovers her godmother likes to gamble. Industrial espionage is afoot at the Bayou Princess, and Garrett and Andi are soon forced to work as a team to prove her innocence and save the casino before it’s too late.

It had only taken one look for Tristan St. Clare to know that Dani Kendall was meant to be his. But the sexy professor had a secret he was worried would tear them apart. The young beauty who’d stolen his heart had no idea that he was a billionaire…and a prince. Tristan hadn’t meant to keep Dani in the dark for so long, but he was worried that her dislike of the limelight would make her run from his royal love.

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