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I had a one-night stand with Natalie, a girl who’s half my age. Now I must protect her at all costs. In this small town, I keep running into her… accidentally, at first. I’m on a case and cannot get involved… but will break all my rules to save her. Each time we meet, we fall into each other’s arms. Our chemistry ignites, flames erupting beneath the sheets, and I find myself falling for her like molten lava. The taste of her lips on mine is to die for. She confides in me, revealing a chilling truth: her controlling ex is out to find her and keep her for himself. She’s told me why she’s so scared, but I’m afraid to tell her my truth. What she doesn’t know is that I was hired by her ex to find her.

This is the story of how I, Rosie Breit, intrepid assistant to eccentric, reclusive, hotel mogul, Hudson Wells, finally met face to face. Turns out, the stories aren’t true. They’re worse. He isn’t agoraphobic. He’s a cranky vampire staying out of the spotlight. So why did I practically beg him to bite me?! There is no real happy ending when one of you is immortal. But when both of you are? Well, that changes things…

A billionaire CEO hires the rebel youngest daughter of his family’s biggest corporate rival to serve as his personal assistant…and sparks an unwanted attraction in this sweet & swoony office romance! Luca Calcagni isn’t sure why Jacey applied for a job at Genesis & Sons in the first place. However, he can’t tell her no without creating a PR nightmare for his multi-billion-dollar company. Instead, he hands her a punishing schedule, hoping to send her packing pretty quickly. A man known as a cobra in the boardroom can’t afford for anyone to find out he’s secretly crushing on the one woman in the world his family will never forgive.

My old high school crush is my boss, unexpected roommate, And now my Baby Daddy… As the receptionist at a cozy B&B nestled in the mountains, I’d heard rumors that the owner is a mysterious billionaire. Turns out he’s Alex Mason, the hot football player from high school who I couldn’t get over. He appears out of nowhere; my teen-dream in the flesh. Big muscles, slick tattoos, and a beard that could make a nun rethink her life choices. He demands a room at the B&B, but it’s spring break and we’re fully booked. With the ‘No Vacancy’ sign burning bright, I’ve got no choice but to offer to share mine. He assures me it’s just for one-night. By day, he’s the boss with a scowl and gruff commands. By night, the suit comes off, and ‘Mr. Alphahole’ shows me just how bossy he can get. One accidental ‘oops’ later, and we’re on a one-way trip to ‘oh baby’. And now I’ve got to tell Mr. “It’s-just-casual” that he’s going to be a daddy.

I thought I’d outgrown the crush I had on my best friend’s brother. Except now I’m working for him as his daughter’s live-in nanny. We spent years going at each other’s throats, while I silently wished he would stop treating me like his little sister’s best friend. After losing the mother of his daughter, he’s determined to keep his heart guarded. But I’m determined to make him see what he and his daughter really need. What I didn’t expect was to be doused in flames. For his strong hands to affect me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. How easily I melt when he looks at me with those green eyes. Watching him be a father makes me dream of our own kids. This was supposed to be temporary. I had plans on leaving Maple Creek, getting away from this place for good. But the child I’ve grown to love as my own, and her single father that’s twisting me up inside, are changing everything I’ve constructed. Is it enough to knock down his walls though? 

Never fake date your best friend’s sister… especially if you’re a rock star. I’ve been officially canceled even though I’m not really dating the most hated woman in Hollywood. Retreating to my summer cottage in Mermaid Shores to escape the rumors, I’m ambushed by Sabrina Pelletier, sister of my one true friend, and the only woman I can’t forget. A recent mistake with her travel blog has her canceled as well. So when the paparazzi assume she is my new wholesome, hometown girlfriend, we fake a relationship to save our careers. Spending time together awakens long lost feelings but being with me is no good for Sabrina. The press will eat her alive, just like it’s turned me into a grumpy jerk I don’t even recognize. Now I don’t know what’s worse, letting my oldest friend think I fed his sister to the wolves to save my reputation, or pushing her away when all I want her to do is stay.

My daughter’s best friend is the woman I crave. But there’s rules about this – don’t cross that line, and keep it in your pants. Chloe is the town’s sweetheart, and I’m the grumpy ex-SEAL turned Billionaire. New to town, I attend the local fair where we first meet and instantly become an item. Her ex-boyfriend isn’t taking no for an answer, so I step in and claim her as mine. Keeping up the facade is easy, but the town’s gossip and my daughter finding out, isn’t. The line between fake and real is blurred after Chloe becomes my housekeeper, but gets clearer after a blackout storm when she gives me her v-card, then takes my heart. Without warning, a threat from my past seeks revenge, secrets unravel, then Chloe leaves me. A few weeks later she says we need to talk, it’s important. This is when I find out she’s pregnant and I’m the father.

It had only taken one look for Tristan St. Clare to know that Dani Kendall was meant to be his. But the sexy professor had a secret he was worried would tear them apart. The young beauty who’d stolen his heart had no idea that he was a billionaire…and a prince. Tristan hadn’t meant to keep Dani in the dark for so long, but he was worried that her dislike of the limelight would make her run from his royal love.

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