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One-night stands are about hitting it and quitting it… But I found out she’s my neighbor’s nanny, so we never got to the quitting part. In the dim light, a half-dressed surprise stands in a barely clinging towel. Her curves stir up a sultry sense of déjà vu, like a playful whisper from a weekend of heated adventures. When she breathes my name, recognition ignites like wildfire. Cherri set my night ablaze and made my morning unforgettable. Maybe she’s back for more. I didn’t invite her, so I’m low-key freaking out. But being an ex-SEAL, I’ve got the skills to tackle anything life throws at me. My inner alpha itches to tackle those tempting curves again. So, I do…Once…Twice…Too many times to count. Now, she’s getting under my skin, Putting my heart to the test. I can either embrace the fire or extinguish the flames.

Come One, Come All!
Welcome to the Cirque Mistique!
Where even Love and Passion can happen in this Supernatural Circus the second time around.

A little boy needed me. A grown man needed me. And I needed to let go of my V-card… Excitement and sadness are a rare combination, but that’s exactly how I felt when I went to work as my big brother’s best friend’s babysitter. Tossed away by his horrible mother, the two-year-old needed me desperately. I could be there for the poor boy. But I fell in love. With both the son and the father. My overprotective family wouldn’t mind my love for the child. But my love for the man who wasn’t supposed to be touching me at all? Well, no one was going to be okay with that. So I told the billionaire who was used to getting his way that we’d have to hide our relationship. Keep the steamy encounters a secret. I found out billionaires do not like to be kept hidden. So how long would I get to feel his phenomenal touch before we had to end it all?

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