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Four years ago, Laney left. Only to return to discover that the boy next door she’d been in love with since she was a kid had a baby with her former best friend. Rhian isn’t looking for love when she meets Porter, the guy who doesn’t do relationships. It’s almost too easy to fall but the pressure from her family makes her run, leaving him behind. At this point, she doesn’t think he’ll ever forgive her. Maddie is a single mom who puts her kid first and finds herself trying to be someone else to make a relationship work. That’s not her so she breaks it off. Waiting in the wings is Teagan. Will she be able to let herself open up to him or is he destined to be on the outside? The Fallout Complete Series Box Set contains all three books in this sexy, new adult romance series.

Getting pregnant by my grumpy boss was never my plan. Five years ago, I lost my husband in a car accident and became a single mom of a two-year-old. I promised I would take good care of my daughter and never looked back. I became the top event planner in the company and got the opportunity of a lifetime. But I didn’t know it would be with him. Adrian Bennet – The grumpy billionaire who almost got me fired when I was a newbie years ago. He is an intoxicatingly handsome single dad, but totally off-limits. Sparks fly as we clash, but we can’t keep our eyes off of each other. The more we spend time together, the harder it is to push him away. A hug turns into a kiss, and before we know it, he pins me against the wall in his office. Now my work and his reputation are at risk. And to top it all off, I just got the news that will turn our worlds upside down. I’m pregnant….

Enrique is a billionaire bad boy—at least, that’s what the world believes. His playboy reputation makes a good cover, but it could cost him the one thing he needs most: love. Enrique has always been the baddest boy in the Bad Boys Club, and that hasn’t changed with age. A New Year’s challenge between his brothers forces him to face his childhood fears once and for all. But when he’s paired up with his best friend’s sister for ski lessons, sparks fly, and danger spikes. Leighann believes that no one’s past should define them forever. She trusts her brother when he says Enrique is like a chocolate-covered cherry—hard on the outside and soft on the inside. But her strength is tested when their lives hang in the balance, and Enrique is forced to confront the darkness that plagues him. Will they overcome the odds and find happiness, or will Enrique’s shadowy secrets shatter their chance at happily ever after?

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