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She thinks he’s arrogant, he believes she’s unprofessional–but their first impressions couldn’t be more wrong. Alayna Sullivan is one of the hardest workers at the corporate office of Rolland Myers. Every boss she’s ever had praised her for her exemplary work ethic. But that all changes when she meets her new supervisor, Jasper Garrison, on his first day at the office. Her casual attire lands her in hot water, earning her a reprimand for violating the company’s dress code. When Jasper Garrison moves to Los Angeles to take on the role of supervisor, he’s intent on proving himself. He believes Alayna has received more favoritism than she deserves, and he decides to rectify the situation. As tensions simmer between them, the vice president of the company sends Alayna and Jasper to a team-building conference. Forced into close proximity, they grow to admire each other, and their feelings begin to change. They must navigate the fine line between professionalism and the desire for a relationship they can never have. Will they give in to their feelings or will they let fear dictate their actions?

My old high school crush is my boss, unexpected roommate, And now my Baby Daddy… As the receptionist at a cozy B&B nestled in the mountains, I’d heard rumors that the owner is a mysterious billionaire. Turns out he’s Alex Mason, the hot football player from high school who I couldn’t get over. He appears out of nowhere; my teen-dream in the flesh. Big muscles, slick tattoos, and a beard that could make a nun rethink her life choices. He demands a room at the B&B, but it’s spring break and we’re fully booked. With the ‘No Vacancy’ sign burning bright, I’ve got no choice but to offer to share mine. He assures me it’s just for one-night. By day, he’s the boss with a scowl and gruff commands. By night, the suit comes off, and ‘Mr. Alphahole’ shows me just how bossy he can get. One accidental ‘oops’ later, and we’re on a one-way trip to ‘oh baby’. And now I’ve got to tell Mr. “It’s-just-casual” that he’s going to be a daddy.

Getting pregnant by my arrogant billionaire ex was never my plan. Eight years ago, I was smart enough to walk out on him and never looked back. Who knew I would meet him again as a single mom of a four-year-old. I’ve made a life for myself to be the best mom and the best chef. But the Universe had a cruel sense of humor. I didn’t know my new client would be him. Kevin Wills – My arrogant, playboy billionaire ex. And now I am hired as his personal chef. I avoid him like the plague, but now I’m seeing a side of him I didn’t see before. The more I try to push him away, the more I’m drawn to him. A stolen kiss reveals the sparks we once shared. Before I know it, I’m letting him claim me between the sheets. Then trouble from my past arrives, putting my job and his reputation at risk. And to top it all off, I just got the news that will rock both of our worlds. I am pregnant…

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