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Her job is to keep an eye on the sexy contractor. Problem is, she can’t keep her eyes off him. This is my dream job. Free room and board at a resort center, plus I’m being paid. All I have to do is keep an eye on the hunky contractor who was hired to renovate the place. Soon, that becomes a problem, though. How can I get my work done when all I can do is think about him? And when he convinces me to stray outside of my comfort zone, he captures my heart. Maybe this job isn’t the only great thing about Rosewood Ridge.

The Brass Anchor Inn is about to host a bicentennial celebration when its grumpy new owner arrives on the island, making the inn’s sunshiny manager wonder if it will still be a festive occasion or a farewell party. Josie Turner loves managing the Brass Anchor Inn. And so when the inn’s owner unexpectedly passes, she keeps it running until the future of the business is resolved. Real estate agent Lane Johnson has just inherited half of the inn. His goal is to sell it to the highest buyer as soon as possible. But when he meets the beautiful yet determined general manager, he knows this is going to be far from an easy transaction—especially when he learns that Josie has inherited the other half of the inn. When the negotiations begin, lines get blurred and hearts get tangled.

One crack of the bat drove us apart. Yet, also binds us together—forever. At some point, I have to quit fighting for her—for us. Wils: I’ve been pretending for so long, it’s become normal. To the average person, I have it all…a multi-million-dollar contract to play baseball, four homes, and if I choose—my pick of any gorgeous woman on my arm. The only problem? The one woman I want—no, need—in my life completely erased me from her memory when we were only teens. I’d give everything up for a second chance with Kenni Davis, my best friend’s little sister. A tragic event that should have brought the two of us closer together, ripped us at the seams. She blames me for all of it. Kenni: When a ghost from my past is traded to the Sarasota Sharks—where I’m the Public Relations Director—I’m hit with the realization that I cannot keep running from my past, no matter how desperately I want to. The moment our eyes meet, I know he still loves me… And I can’t deny that I still love him, too. But betraying my brother isn’t an option. It’s been eight, long years since I’ve seen my soul mate. Wils thrusts himself back into my life and (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Noah is a silver fox with the power to charm the pants off of any woman. He’s a successful executive and single dad. Confident and rarely shaken in business. But personally, dating isn’t a priority for him. So how does one call to the nanny agency turn his love life around? All he wants is the typical nanny type, loving and nurturing like a mother. Then he meets Stella. Typical nanny? Not even close. She’s unexpected, to say the least. Needing an experienced nanny for his son, he meets temptation in Stella. Her persistence is irresistible. Stella is HOT, young, and sassy. Book smart yet naive, she stirs thoughts he shouldn’t entertain. She’s half his age, after all. He doesn’t believe he’s worthy of love, but she won’t give up on him. Pushing her away becomes impossible with the live-in-nanny arrangement. She’s just one bedroom over. Giving in is too easy. 

When my ex-boyfriend is revealed to be the billionaire investor of my dream business, I never expected to fall in love with him—or to have his baby. I haven’t seen Oliver in 11 years and now he’s back. Like a fine wine, he’s gotten better with age with his bright blue eyes and thick dark hair. He’s grumpy, over-protective, cocky, but has a heart of gold. He agrees to finance my company, but there’s a catch: he’ll be there, every step of the way. I’m not the same naïve girl I was back then. But he has a way of sweeping me off my feet. And before I know it, I’m back in his bed. He was only supposed to be my investor. But now my heart is in it as well. Just when I think we could have a second chance, all hell breaks loose. Old conflicts resurface, and suddenly my shop is in jeopardy. Things are uncertain…especially when I find out I’m pregnant with his baby.

I just found out I’m carrying my boss’s baby. To start a new life for myself and my little girl, I left my hometown with a broken heart. I promised to work hard to take good care of myself and my daughter. But little did I know my boss would be him. Kane Simmon. A grumpy billionaire and my ex’s older brother. He is totally off-limits, but we can’t keep our eyes off each other. One heated argument turns into a kiss, and the next thing I know, I’m pinned to his desk in his office. I deny it as a one-time fling, but I know it’s a lie. Especially now that I’m pregnant with his baby…

I thought I’d outgrown the crush I had on my best friend’s brother. Except now I’m working for him as his daughter’s live-in nanny. We spent years going at each other’s throats, while I silently wished he would stop treating me like his little sister’s best friend. After losing the mother of his daughter, he’s determined to keep his heart guarded. But I’m determined to make him see what he and his daughter really need. What I didn’t expect was to be doused in flames. For his strong hands to affect me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. How easily I melt when he looks at me with those green eyes. Watching him be a father makes me dream of our own kids. This was supposed to be temporary. I had plans on leaving Maple Creek, getting away from this place for good. But the child I’ve grown to love as my own, and her single father that’s twisting me up inside, are changing everything I’ve constructed. Is it enough to knock down his walls though? 

My life is good. I have amazing friends and a great job as a professor at the University. Falling in love?… Not on my radar. I’ve never had time for it. Don’t get me wrong, I like to go out and have fun. Unfortunately, just when I think someone understands what I mean by “no strings attached” …they get attached. Just one night. That’s all I wanted and it was incredible. So, imagine my surprise when I showed up to work, turned the corner, and saw my “one night” standing right there in front of me. Now I have to choose between standing by my “just one night” rule or breaking the even more important “no fraternization between colleagues” rule to go after what I might truly want. Just one night… but what if I want more?

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