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He’s a billionaire, my brother’s best friend, and now he’s my boss… I graduated top of my class, so finding a job should be easy, not in my case. I decided to ask my brother’s best friend for a favor, now I have a job. Simon and I are always at odds until one of our verbal sparring matches ends with a kiss. We call a truce, and he assigns me to write news articles about his friend’s mayoral campaign. We are working closely together when a storm puts us alone in a hotel, resulting in a passionate night. I find out that Simon’s friend is embezzling funds from his campaign, but Simon doesn’t believe me. Hurt by this, I left not knowing yet that I am pregnant. Simon does his own investigation, now he knows that I was right. Now he is desperate to find me again, won’t he be surprised when he does.

From the time I was a young kid, I wanted out of this small town. I wanted more. So, I worked hard and I did it. I got the biggest opportunity of my life as an NFL quarterback. As a first round draft pick, I was top of my game. Then I blew it. Now I’m back home wishing for another way out, another chance to be great. Something is missing. Football is all I’ve known, so that must be it, right? When my best friends sister returns to town, and I enlist her in getting back into footballs good graces, she stirs something inside me that I haven’t felt in years. Turns out I did find what I was missing, exactly where I was told not to look for it. Will I still be able to leave or will she convince me my next biggest win is right here at home?

Violet Caliendo escorts couples into the illusion of “happily ever after” as wedding coordinator at Willow Valley’s five-star Caliendo Resort. But Violet doesn’t believe in love or “happily ever after” anymore. She’s guarded herself from love so deeply since her divorce that some even call her the “Ice Queen.” When she has to plan her ex-husband’s wedding, even her Ice Queen persona takes a hit. With her emotions in high gear, she takes out her frustrations by having sex with her ex’s best man, Ryder Carlex. Ryder is a playboy type and Violet figures it’s a simple one-time fling. But Ryder actually is attracted to Violet in a way he’s never known before. Neither of them ever imagines that the sparks between them will ignite a fire hotter than anything they’ve ever encountered – slowly breaking down both their walls. Will Violet be able to let go of her past and embrace a possible future with Ryder? Will Ryder let Violet into his own deep, dark secrets? Or will their trust issues forever doom them both from achieving their own “happily ever after”?

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