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Small town. Big secrets. Deadly lies. Welcome to MacKenzie Cove, a small beach town full of big secrets…and deadly lies. Join the tight-knit first responders of the MacKenzie clan as they dodge killers and unravel mysteries: finding love and renewed faith along the way. A series of clean, inspirational action adventure romances, each guaranteed to lift your heart.

Rising Storm: Homecomings can be deadly. When retired Delta Force operative Rollo MacKenzie returns home to become chief of police in tiny MacKenzie Cove, he has lots of expectations…none of them good. What he doesn’t expect is to find his first love targeted by a murderer willing to do anything to bury a twenty-year-old secret.

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Being the Prez of the Satan’s Keepers MC has its perks. Women throwing themselves at you happens to be one of them. I usually have a steady flock of ladies to choose from, but one night, a sassy woman stands out from the rest. Suddenly, no one else matters. She’s hot, spirited, and has a bangin’ body. It’s supposed to be a one-night stand, until I find out where she works. Suddenly, my one-night stand becomes someone I’ll be seeing on a regular basis. Ivy has a hard time swallowing that pill, but she’ll get used to it. If not, I’ll just have to do whatever it takes to change her mind.

Samantha never saw Enzo coming. As the dust settles from her divorce, her life is full. She doesn’t have time for distractions. She’s too busy running her own company and checking off numerous items from her kids’ demanding schedule to have a life of her own. Then he walks into her kitchen with his breathtaking green eyes and a mischievous grin. He’s there to surprise his father – her contractor, but his presence makes everything off kilter. Enzo’s perfectly content with his adventurous life as an elite rescue pilot, until a harmless prank turns on him. Instead of surprising his father, he finds his world thrown off course by the beautiful woman with a sexy smile, wicked sass and the mouthwatering ability to keep him on his toes. With his limited time on leave, is she worth the risk to his heart?

Three big biker Daddies are about to rock the world of one lonely, single mom. “Mommy? Who’s that?” When I come home to find a massive, unconscious biker in my driveway, there’s only one man I dare call for help. Far too young, I ran away and put my trust in the wrong man, a slick jerk who laughed in my face when he found out I was pregnant. The only one who was there for me was Havoc, a member of the Screaming Eagles MC, and regular at the bar where I worked. Covered in tattoos and scary as heck, when he found out about my situation, he became the big brother I never had and helped me finally go home. But my ex and his club, the Pit Vipers MC, were a constant looming threat until they were finally destroyed by the Screaming Eagles. Now, after years of having to be strong for my little girl, my life is about to get turned upside down by three men who would kill to make sure we’re safe. Phoenix has something dark simmering under the surface, something vicious that he’ll raise heaven and hell to make sure Mia and I never experience. All that intensity should scare me, but it’s not fear that has my heart racing. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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