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If only I weren’t her boss and trusted friend… War taught me there are things worth fighting for, and Natalie is one of them. I was drawn to her the day I hired her, and keeping my distance has been difficult. We’re total opposites, but after spending days working on this conservation project together, I can’t get enough of her. She’s a free-spirited nomad who fears being tied down, even by love. I’m damaged in so many ways. If she finds out my secrets, I will lose her forever. What I should do is walk away before her life is ruined. I can see my happily ever after in her eyes. But, do I deserve it?

She’s a prim and proper mafia princess. He’s a dirty-talking Bratva boss. To seal their union, he tattoos her ring finger: Property of Dimitri Kozlov. Dimitri Kozlov: Her family broke their promise, now I’ll take what’s owed: Her. No one makes me look weak. I’ll show everyone there are consequences for crossing my family. Arianna Pontrelli is mine. I forge her signature on the marriage contract. And stake my claim on this cold, aloof woman. Then show the entire world that she belongs to me. Her hatred shines so brightly in her eyes, I know there’s passion hidden beneath her prim and proper facade. She’s my wife, and I’ll own all of her. But first, I’m going to make this woman burn for me. Arianna Pontrelli: I hoped to marry for love. My dream is crushed when my stalker drugs and drags me to the altar. Dimitri Kozlov is all tattooed skin, foul-mouthed, and completely uncouth. Everything I despise in a man. I had plans to escape this dangerous world. Now I’m trapped. I’m legally his wife. But he’ll never have my body. No matter how many times he praises me in Russian. Or how delicious his strong hands feel on my skin. If I give him a sliver of my heart, I’ll be betraying myself. I’ll never give him what he really wants, his obsession. Me. 

A Firefighter. A Mountain Man. A Pilot. All grumpy. All secret billionaires All – the Delaney Brothers. Heirs to a hugely successful family ranching business, the Delaney brothers are down-to-earth, hard-working, passionate men. While keeping their wealth under wraps, their run-ins with smart and sassy women make their lives complicated.

1) Grumpy Billionaire Firefighter – Jesse: My landlord is a grump and good-looking to boot. I want to get along but I never should have become this firefighter’s roommate. I moved to Lantana to open a shop with my friend Maria. My new landlord is grumpy and has no time for my curious questions. He’s rarely around. Gone for two or three days at a time when not fighting fires. With his good looks, short dark hair, and fit body, he probably has a girlfriend. But he throttles my efforts to find out. During a storm we get stuck together and I think I’m finally cracking his crabby shell. But no such luck. He disappears. This man is not only grumpy but mysterious. And I’m being drawn closer to him. Alone in my shop one day, I hear a noise and then smell smoke … (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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