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My gorgeous, grumpy billionaire boss kissed me and then fired me. Now he needs a nanny, and I’m here for an interview… I moved to Miami to sing on a cruise ship and enjoy immense success. Sneaking onboard with the entertainment was my first mistake. And, getting fired before we sailed was my second. Three months later, I’m here for a nanny interview. Derek Joyce, my tempting boss, is a single dad and twice my age. All I need to do is watch his daughter until my singing career gets started. Except if kissing him was hot, then sleeping with him is playing with fire. I let my guard down enough to dream of a life full of love. But, when a grumpy man says your time together is a mistake, believe him. Except the heat in his eyes is the same as it always was. One of us has to go, and with an offer in hand, it’s going to be me. If he wants me, he’s going to have to come after me. I thought a singing career was what I wanted. Actually, I want it all.

1) The Grumpy Firefighter and Second Chances: Facing fires daily, I steer clear of personal flames, especially those sparked by my past. Yet, Amanda Turner’s return, intent on reviving an old B&B with me, renews forgotten desires. As we’re thrust into organizing the town festival, our bickering and dreams intertwine. But when danger threatens, will I risk everything to save her?

2) The Single Dad and Second Chances: Winning a stay at Bluebonnet Ranch was a dream—until my high school crush, Luke Henderson, now a guarded single dad, showed up. As his son, Sam, draws me closer, the stunning ranch blurs into a backdrop for rekindled romance. I’m caught in a whirlwind of what-ifs. Just as possibilities blossom, fate throws a curveball. Will history repeat, or is this the start of something new?

3) My Brother’s Best Friend and Second Chances: When Phillip Nasaw, land developer and my brother’s best friend, returns to town, he’s after the bakery I dream of owning. Our rivalry reignites old flames I’m determined to ignore. I propose a plan to save us both, but is our second chance destined for sweet success, or will it crumble under the weight of our past? 

Sometimes Love Isn’t Enough. Quinn doesn’t have time. Instead, what he has is a looming deadline. The mating must take place by the full moon or not at all. He thought he had made up his mind. He thought he could live with his decision. Then Savvy disappeared. Savvy is an all or nothing kind of girl. She needs a strong mate, a decisive mate, a loving and supportive mate. Unfortunately, Quinn refused to be that mate. Losing him was breaking her heart. Staying busy was her only coping mechanism. Ignoring her needs and focusing on the pack helped her find everything she ever needed. Sometimes the threat of losing everything can change minds and hearts. Sometimes the promise of a better future and a determined mate can heal a heart in record time.

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