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Settling down isn’t an option…not when her demons refuse to die. Since returning from Iraq, veteran Mackenzie Parish has tried to find a way back to herself. Out of cash, she hires on at a Wyoming ranch. The only problem? Riding a horse is much harder than riding a Harley. But her new bunkmate, the former bull riding champion Hank Nash, is just what she needs to take her mind off her saddle sores. Estranged from his daughter, Hank has a lot to make up for, but he intends to convince Mac she should stay until then. Unfortunately, even blue skies and miles of open land may not be enough to soothe Mac’s restless soul. Or mute the constant call of the road. No one gets through life unscathed, and Hank can’t fathom what Mac has survived. It will take time, patience, and love to help her through. But when deadly trouble comes to the Lazy S, will Mac hit the road, or will she choose the man who’s helped mend her shattered soul?

He’s a billionaire with everything he desires…except the woman he wants most. She’s his best friend, personal assistant, and off limits. Until one night and a positive pregnancy test changes everything. Jordan Greene, the housekeeper’s daughter, is the only woman who can handle billionaire Linc Kingston and his bossy ways. She’s also his lifelong best friend. No matter how hot the attraction between them simmers, there are lines she knows better than to cross. When Linc is gutted by lies and family secrets, Jordan’s comfort ends with a sensual night in bed and a surprise he never expected. Getting his personal assistant pregnant makes him too much like the father he despises, and his initial reaction may cost him everything he loves.

Sometimes birthday wishes do come true. All Jake Crane wants for his birthday is for something to change. He’s not expecting the change to come in the form of an incredibly handsome man showing up at his door out of the blue—he doesn’t know the six-feet of gorgeous standing on his welcome mat—or does he? After struggling to recover from the death of his father, it turns out good things do sometimes happen to good people. On the most awesome birthday of his life, Jake discovers friendship, love, and that the best kind of happily ever afters are the ones you make yourself.

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