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A fateful encounter with the brooding billionaire single dad next door reignites memories I believed buried. Returning to my hometown with a shattered heart, a memory loss, and a deep secret, I seek solace in solitude. Fate intervenes when I meet James, my high school sweetheart turned grumpy billionaire single dad next door. Learning of a deception by his former employee, James unexpectedly offers me his building. In return, I agree to help watch over his son, Ethan. With each shared moment, I find myself drawn to James again, discovering his tender heart beneath his gruff exterior. His touch ignites a spark within me, stirring emotions I thought extinguished. However, as my health deteriorates, I can’t hide my terminal illness any longer. I must decide if I trust James to stand with me in my toughest battle, or if our second chance at love will crumble under the weight of my secret.

I just took my best friend’s sister’s v-card. Oops. Nothing that a little time, distance, and secrecy can’t fix. We hated each other growing up but I always wanted her. So when I found her hiding out at a graduation party, like an idiot, I took her v-card. Then, in true scumbag fashion, I fled the scene. And the city. After the pact I made with Lucas to never touch his sister? I’ll be taking this one to the grave. But fast forward seven years and I’m a billionaire at the top of the media industry. When my company acquires a news network and I meet my new staff, I see no one but…her. Kayla Wood. Standing there with the twinkle in her eye that has haunted me ever since the best night of my life. I’m her boss now. I can be mature. Maybe she isn’t obsessing over this like I am. Or maybe she has a secret of her own… In the form of a six year old son who looks just like me.

All hell breaks loose when high school heartthrob Jake falls for the girl next door. Everyone’s freaking out about their age difference, but it won’t even matter in a few years—his big break is coming. Then again, he never expected their relationship to rip apart his band, friends, and family. And the weirdest consequence of their secret trysts? His creativity is fully unleashed. Jake has never had the attention of top music producers, but they are finally starting to take notice. But when jealousy, family secrets, and fights between bandmates threaten to close the curtains on Jake’s career before it’s even begun, he’ll face the most brutal consequence of all. His newfound muse—the girl behind his breakout success—might also become the girl who brings it all crashing down.

You’re cordially invited to the wedding of April Seasons and (insert groom’s name here). I’m officially tired of dating. Done with all the games. That’s why I’ve put my love life into the hands of professionals and I’m letting them find my perfect match. The only catch? I’ll meet him at the altar. That’s right––I’m marrying a stranger. Did I mention it’s also being filmed for a reality TV show? I’m ready to meet and marry the man of my dreams. With the matchmakers’ expertise involved, what could possibly go wrong?

Growing up as the daughter of the renowned Liam Hendrix, I assumed that I was the sole heir to my fathers empire. Right up until my father ripped the rug out from under my feet and demanded I marry a man of his choosing. A man he sees fit to rule over the Hendrix Mafia. A role I’ve always coveted. Dean Lawson is my childhood best friend, my protector, and the love of my life. After he hurt me when we were younger, I swore never to get too close and give him that chance again. Now we are being forced to marry. I refuse to be a broodmare, to marry someone so that they can take everything I’ve always wanted. I’ve got to get away. Start fresh somewhere else. It won’t be that easy… It turns out my father isn’t the biggest monster I’ll have to face if I want my chance at freedom.

I hate football with every fiber of my being. Ironic since I’m dating Wade Hunter a.k.a England’s most eligible player. Oops. Fake dating. Long story short, my longtime crush, Karl, came back from a mission abroad with a fiancée at his arm when I thought he was about to declare his love to me. Humiliating, right? Well, that’s why I grabbed the first guy in the airport and introduced him as my boyfriend. Surprisingly, he went along with the charade. Even more so, he showed up at my door days later asking me to keep it going. Dating a footballer, even if its fake, is the last thing I want to do while I’m nursing a broken heart. But when he said I could use this relationship to make Karl jealous, and win the feature contest at work, I signed on the three dotted lines and scored myself a fake boyfriend. A fake rebound still counts, right?

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