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Nolan is the new Boss enemy that I was never supposed to love. After my Mafia boss Father left him as the heir to our multi-billion-dollar empire, my brother calls me back to Chicago to claim what is rightfully mine. But when I see Nolan, everything changes. The chemistry between us is undeniable, and I can’t resist the primal desire to touch and taste him. However, within our tight-knit circle of brothers, Ivan’s schemes become increasingly sinister in his ruthless quest for power to take over the business. To make matters worse, our pasts threaten to destroy us. My vengeful money-hungry mother kidnaps me for ransom. I am terrified for my life and for Nolan. He has an heir.

This ex-military biker will do anything to protect the people of Wild Heart Mountain, but this runaway bride will test him in ways that will either heal him or break him in two… Calvin: I find her walking barefoot on the mountain road, the runaway bride with nowhere to go. Grace is everything I’ve forgotten how to be: fun, spontaneous, happy… and reckless. But when she goes too far, how can I protect her? I’ve already lost someone to the mountain. I can’t risk losing another… Grace: The Sheriff is uptight and grumpy. He’s forgotten how to live, how to have fun. I love pushing his buttons just to see him lose control. He thinks I’m reckless, but I’ll show him that life is for living, and I intend to live every sweet moment of it to the fullest, whatever the cost.

My life just imploded in the most spectacular way possible. It was a beautiful wedding with the perfect dress and the perfect man… Until I caught him cheating on me in the reception hall. With a broken heart and shattered dreams, I ran straight to my childhood home in Honey Valley, swearing off men for good. But then my two best friends insist I need to get back on my feet and out into the world, so they drag me to a bar in town where they say I can start working on healing myself. It seems that alcohol and a smash room are their way of kickstarting that journey for me. Upon arrival, Silas Watson, one of the brothers who owns Lumberjax gets us all checked in, but the way he’s looking at me makes me think he might actually be checking me out. With his mountainous frame and the way he seems to drink in my curves, he’s hard to ignore. Even though the sparks begin to fly almost instantly, I’m cautious, still bearing the weight of betrayal, while Silas harbors doubts about love’s very existence. Yet, the more time we spend together amongst the shards of broken glass and splintered plastic, I find fragments of myself starting to heal, hinting that perhaps not all is lost. But with our pasts looming large and our fears front and center, can Silas and I build something lasting, or will our shattered pieces never quite fit together? 

Half shifter, half vampire…I’m some kind of hybrid that can no longer shift into my wolf. Despite the odds, I found my mate. I have a family and I’m part of a pack. But the vampires are back and this time, they’ve stolen my little girl. It’s up to me to rescue my daughter and the other children they’ve kidnapped in their attempts to make the perfect soldier. But soon, a strange disease starts to afflict the shifter community. My mate, Lily, is the only doctor who can figure out the cure. Can we save the children and our pack before it is too late? And can we still have our happily ever after?

I was supposed to get money from this billionaire, not get pregnant. Cole Breaker. The reason we’re all here. That salt-and-pepper hair, chiseled frame, and dominant presence make me feel him…all over. He is hotter than the 4th of July. I can’t resist him. I want to be in his arms. And a few other places. All it takes is one look in those caramel eyes, a short conversation…and some running…for us to end up alone in a nearby office. I end up getting more than the check. And after a whirlwind weekend on Martha’s Vineyard, we seem to be figuring things out. I think we’ll be okay. Wrong. Everything comes crashing down when I find out he’s got secrets with the last people on earth I expected. I thought he’d be different, but it seems he’s just like all the rest of them. Maybe I should try to patch things up. Lord knows he is. But I don’t know what he really wants. And I might not want him around. Now or in nine months.

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