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He’s my best friend’s Father and completely off limits. But that doesn’t change how much I want him. I understand it’s not right. I know I should avoid him, but, man, it’s tough. And when we bump into each other unexpectedly, I can’t help but lose control. It was the most sensual moments of my life. I say to myself that I should just let it go, but when I feel his body close to mine, I can’t resist. I want more of him. But can I really betray my best friend to be with the man of my dreams? Finding out I’m pregnant has added a whole new layer of complexity to my life. But it’s a choice I’ve made, and there’s no reversing it now. But, honestly, I’m scared. Is this moving too fast, or would I be a fool to let another shot at happily ever after slip away?

They’ll always have Yosemite. California, 1851. The Sierras are ruled by a band of marauding Indians, and Major Huntley Ashbury is determined to corral them. Huntley’s solitary existence as the biggest trader in the foothills is destroyed when he runs into Whitman Whitney, a half-breed physician with a talented knack for curing hysterical women—and men. Together they rein in the most savage barbarian of them all. Belle Pennington emerges from the forest with nothing left to lose but her Chinese book that tells stories of racy encounters. As Huntley and Whit clash impressing Belle with their skills, their Battalion ventures into the wild to discover the Indian’s stronghold. Whit has only known the touch of men before, and his peculiar medical expertise astonishes and unites the three in their journey. But it is Belle’s restless spirit the men must conquer in the deep grassy valley of the Yosemite.

A one night stand with no names exchanged. Six years later, she comes face to face with her baby’s father again. Aurora Michaels isn’t the same girl she was that spring night. No longer homeless and living in the back room of a diner where she worked, she’s now a member of the wealthy Kingston family. She has her daughter, a career and has adjusted to her new normal. Billionaire Nick Dare is a man who takes charge. He runs the hotel arm of the family empire and his life revolves around business and travel. A quick stop at his brother’s movie premier has him doing a double take. The woman who haunts his dreams is there. He’s been given a second chance and is determined to make the most of it. When he learns about their daughter, Nick becomes a man on a mission. Aurora and their child are his. Even if he has to knock down Aurora’s emotional walls to prove it.

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