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After getting my heart broken, I’ve sworn off athletes forever. Then my best friend has to go and marry an NHL player, and his teammate, Colby Knight, won’t leave me alone. Colby is a master at scoring (on and off the ice), and he’s not used to being told no. So he takes my disinterest as an invitation to pursue me even harder. I ignore him… until I realize I can use his expertise to help me get my crush’s attention. But now that he’s my dating coach, and we’re spending so much time together, I’m growing more and more distracted. I mean, those dimples? Very enticing. Just when I think he might be more than just a playboy hockey player, a blast from the past comes back and reminds me why I swore off athletes in the first place. Can I trust Colby, or is he just another jerk who will break my heart?

Alexander Harris: Sexy-as-sin star pitcher. And the rudest man I’ve ever met. My first job out of college is a doozy. I just need to show the players that there’s more to me than my cute exterior suggests. I earned this role of Mental Health Consultant, even if a little voice keeps reminding me that I wouldn’t have gotten it without my dad. And then there’s Alexander. With a messy divorce and an injury hanging over him, he’s the one who’s most in need of my expertise. I can’t help myself. I can’t stop thinking about him. Even though he got my car towed on my first day. Even though he’s been grumpy and uncommunicative in all our sessions. I’m not here to get involved with someone. Especially not a pitcher with a bad attitude who’s nearly twice my age. In my office, I have no trouble being cool and professional. But with the thrill of a win, a couple of cocktails, and a hotel room thrown into the mix… all bets are off.

The hot nerdy science teacher taught me a thing about chemistry. A steamy one-night with my sexy co-teacher wasn’t how I planned to start my new job. Super awkward, especially since we were at each other’s throats minutes before. We went our sated, separate ways. That’s perfect for me because I’ve sworn off relationships. And yet… He’s this quirky, brainy type, which is my kryptonite. How he keeps his distance is infuriating. The worst—or best—is when I see him with his adorable son. I’m smitten. Just as I start to believe we may have a future, His complicated past becomes a roadblock. This hot, grumpy nerd has the power to wreak me. I’m willing to make the quantum leap. The question is, will he?

He’s the rough, rowdy, and wildly sexy cowboy of my dreams. And he’s my sister’s ex-boyfriend. I fell hard for Reece Callahan the moment he tipped his hat to me from atop his sweet palomino. Those sun-crinkled green eyes. That deep husky drawl. The strong, broad shoulders… What red-blooded woman could resist a man like that? None. Case in point, my sister. Thankfully, I had to leave Deepwood Mountain to begin my studies in veterinary medicine. But now I’m back in town, looking to open an animal sanctuary. Reece and my sister have long since broken up, but getting together with her ex? That’s a hard no. There are rules. Besides, he’s old enough to be my dad and he’s made his millions off the cattle industry. It would never work between us. Still, one glance my way and I’d volunteer to get tied up in his big rope. I mean, it is already tethered around my heart.

I never planned to fall for Jesse Hartman, the sexy CEO and possible murderer… Here I am, seeking answers from the man who probably killed my brother. Driven to unravel the truth, I resort to drastic measures to draw close to him. One night of passion with my prime suspect blurs the line between justice and desire. Now I’m torn. How could this compassionate man and doting dad be my brother’s killer? Haunted by his own secrets, caught in a bitter divorce, his damaged heart seems off-limits. Yet, amidst the chaos, our connection grows like wildfire. Every second feels like a betrayal to my brother’s memory. Yet I’m unable to resist. Falling for him is perilous, especially when the truth threatens to undo what we’ve built. I’m caught between suspicion and seduction, fearing I’ll lose more than just my heart at the end of this.

A Friends to Lovers Sweet Romance collection that will warm your heart. Each book contains an Off-Limits Protector MMC who is so loving and kind but is not interconnected. All three books promise sweet kisses, a satisfying conclusion and a heartwarming happily ever after. Join in this rollercoaster of romance and friendships.
#1 Stuck with My Boss Next Door: Having a fake relationship with my boss and neighbor was never part of my plans. But here I am in Summerville, starting anew and embracing new opportunities. Little did I know, my new boss is Sebastian Cole – my high school best friend and my ex’s older brother. Memories from the past come flooding back, stirring up overwhelming emotions within me. I’m torn between the tempting and infuriating proposal of becoming his fake girlfriend. Can I ignore the past we share and agree to his insane offer? I set boundaries and am determined to keep things strictly professional. But as we navigate the delicate balance between pretending and real life, confusing emotions begin to surface. And the more time I spend with him, the stronger my feelings grow. Can I let go of past mistakes and open my heart to love once again? But I can’t break the one rule I set for myself, especially with all that has transpired between us.
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