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I am a King, destined to rule. In my world, our Queens are selected for us. This doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to bypass these rules. As a Princess, I’m aware that one day, I will be given to a King, becoming his Queen. There is only one King who holds my heart. Rylan. His strength, unwavering loyalty to those he loves, and his absolute devotion will all be put to the test. Will Rylan allow Tamsyn to be ripped from his arms? Can he settle for an existence without her? And will Tamsyn find a way to choose her own King, going against the path set before her? Or will she give in and become Queen to someone else, someone chosen for her against her deepest desires?

Can a marriage of convenience last a lifetime? Troi: I’m attending a wedding in Vegas for an aligned family when I’m double-crossed. The intended groom is me. Forced down the aisle at the end of a barrel, I make a break for it, and the farce becomes a bloodbath. The only way out is with a bride of my choosing. When I met a bride running from her mockery of matrimony, I strike a deal. If we can survive to see extraction, we just might both get what we want. Haven: Family duty goes out the window when I catch my future groom having a quickie with my bestie before the wedding. Clad in white, I give my bodyguards the slip and wind up in the middle of chaos. Taking the hand of the sexy stranger who saved my life was a no-brainer, but I had no clue the trouble it would cause. Forced to marry each other to prevent an all-out war. We make a deal, one year, and we get an annulment. It’d be perfect until feelings begin to change.

He’s a total stranger. Until the cold makes me crave his rugged heat. Baz is almost too much man – huge and rippling with muscles. Everyone says he’s the strong, silent type, but we communicate just fine through those rough palms and deep whispers. Yet I can’t trust these feelings rushing through me like the cold wind outside. What do I know about men? Nothing. I can’t jump into a relationship with a stranger who considers us a done deal after just a few days. Besides, a man that gorgeous belongs with a supermodel, not a curvy girl huddled over an industrial stove. When we’re forced to share his bed by the fire, this quiet man lets loose a flurry of filthy and passionate words that make my head (and body) spin out of control. Baz growls that I belong to him. Is that already the truth?

A wounded rodeo champion and a lovely horse trainer make a friendship pact to protect each other’s broken hearts from rebound relationships. Their ground rules are simple: Need a plus one at a holiday get-together? Ask each other. Feeling bored or lonely? Call or text each other. Accidentally step beneath the mistletoe? Um… Okay, it’s kind of impossible to make a rule for every situation, so their feelings soon get a little tangled up with each other. But that’s okay, right? Because friends are supposed to care for friends. What they didn’t count on was just how easily two broken halves might fit together to form a new whole. Should they bend the ground rules a little to explore their unexpected chemistry or stick to the original plan of playing it safe in the friend zone?

With every page turned, discover if the unmarriageable spinster, Beatrix, will defy the odds. Could it be possible that this plain-looking spinster will become a blushing bride? In the elite society known as “The Ton,” Beatrix’s lack of success in finding a suitable husband becomes a source of concern for her and her family. Tired of endless failed seasons, she takes a bold step that sets tongues wagging …she poses for a portrait. Resigned to live out her days as a spinster, Beatrix retreats from the suffocating London society and seeks solace in the serene landscapes of Yorkshire. Just when she begins to surrender herself to a life of solitude, fate intervenes in a most unexpected way. A mysterious and enigmatic stranger, tall and thin, enters her secluded world. As hard as she tries, she cannot escape from his captivating presence. As this stranger’s interest in her grows, Beatrix finds herself falling in love.

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