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My brother’s best friend is my worst enemy… Now, he’s also my fake fiancé who just took my v-card. Drake Bennet is a handsome, arrogant, Real Estate shark who always has women throwing themselves at him. But I can’t stand him; we’ve always fought and bickered growing up. His mom has been badgering him to settle down, so he asked me to be his fake fiance. And I only agreed as long as he made me his plus one at exclusive events I needed to attend for my journalist job. But while we’re “pretending” to be engaged, Drake takes care of me in more ways than one. His touch brings me to ecstasy for the first time and makes my body quiver from head to toe. He’s been caring for and protecting me in ways I’ve never seen before. I’m falling for him, hard. And if things couldn’t get more complicated — I’m pregnant. But this can’t work. My new singing career is taking off and I’ll be in the public eye. And our fake engagement has to come to an end. Or will Drake finally be ready for a “real” happily ever after?

Haunting red eyes and forgotten memories. Patience, the mysterious witch, crosses paths with the seductive vampire, Lucius. An unspoken attraction ignites, forbidden desires entangle, and the fear of the unknown looms large. United by a dangerous mission, they embark on a quest to secure the soul gem and rescue their loved ones. As their paths entwine, long-guarded secrets unfurl, revealing a connection beyond their wildest imaginings. But can Patience convince Lucius that her life holds more value than her death?

A strapped-for-cash waitress who’s taking a break from dating, the single-and-available foreman determined to change her mind, and the late winter storm that leaves them snowbound together at the ranch he runs… Tess Caldwell isn’t sure why she says yes to her best friend’s invitation to join her in a remote mountain town that celebrates Christmas year-round. After her ex-boyfriend leaves both her heart and bank account flat broke, she can’t afford a vacation. And she certainly can’t afford to extend her visit indefinitely when a winter storm shuts down every road leading out of town. She has a job to get back to and bills that aren’t going to pay themselves, no matter how tempting it is to stay and explore her unexpected attraction to the hunky foreman at Christmas Tree Farm.

Being wrong has never felt so right. But my journey from innocence to ecstasy comes at a price… Growing up, I spent a lot of time in church learning how to be a good girl. But now I’m an adult, and lately, it seems all my thoughts are sinful. Especially my thoughts about three gorgeous, huge, forbidden men. There’s Brax, who works as security at a tattoo shop and is covered in ink. He should scare me, but instead he makes me feel safe enough to do everything I’ve been told is wrong. Erik is an old friend who left the church, and his kindness and fierce protectiveness steady me, even as his touch drives me wild. And Gray, a breathtaking fallen angel of a man, tempts me to explore my every illicit desire. With them, I become a paragon of sin, every encounter a new lesson in decadence, every stroke of pleasure making me crave these wicked men more. But now my parents are insisting I marry someone from their church. A respectable man who knows nothing about my sinful double life. If I tell them the truth, I’ll be condemned and cast out from my family, my community, everything I’ve known. If I don’t, I’ll lose the men who have stolen my heart. Can I bear to give up my heaven on earth?

Aaron Ledger is back in town. My simple life just got complicated. I’ve been in love with my brother’s best friend since I was twelve years old. He was twenty-three. Now Aaron’s back in the city and he’s only improved with age. Unfortunately, I haven’t. After my college career ended in disaster, I came home wanting only to disappear. I’ve always loved cars, and these days, I work at the front desk of an auto shop and live with my grumpy grandpa, where it’s easy to hide from my past. Everything is predictable and safe. Aaron is unpredictable and a danger to my heart. I have no desire to be crushed by unrequited love. My plan: avoid, avoid, avoid. He’s not following the same plan. Aaron’s suddenly everywhere I am. Family dinners, my job, and inside my head. When he asks for my help to restore a gorgeous, classic Mustang, I can’t say no, even with my heart in danger. Maybe some experiences are worth the pain? I’m about to find out.

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