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Trust is like car keys: easy to lose and hard to get anywhere without it… Evan only intended to strike up a casual conversation with the stunning blonde with Goldie Hawn looks–now he finds himself trying to cross paths with her on campus every chance he gets. But his water polo teammate appears to have damaged his chances with Farrah before he could even ask her out. Farrah’s been out with players from the water polo team before–and it’s always ended in tears. The handsome medical student who wants to help her get revenge says he’s not like them…but there’s only one way to know for sure. Will a trip to his hometown seal the deal or prove this player’s all washed up?

Three people. One goal. If only they could work together they’d find success. An expert in bows and arrows, as well as guns, Charlene (aka Charley Palmer has one goal—to expose the doctor who illegally experimented on her sister, Darlene. While she was rescued by the Pack, Darlene will never be the same—mentally or physically. Connolly McLaughlin, a powerful werewolf and contract worker for the Pack, has no plans to let this pesky woman get in his way of taking down Elkhart himself. He has a grudge against the man too. Being a loner, Connolly doesn’t need Charley in the way. So what if she alters something inside him? To make the situation worse, his younger brother shows up wanting to make amends for his sins of the past, but Connolly isn’t ready to forgive Mick. Trouble ensures when Mick meets Charley, and the sparks fly. Too late, each man realizes that Charley is their mate. There’s one problem: the brothers never share. Hmm. What to do?

Carly Abbot has absolutely had it up to here with men. Cheating, lying—no more, thank you very much. So when a rancher wins her in a card game, all she’s out for is some fun. Dillon Cameron believes in making his own luck, and winning Carly for a weekend is only the start of what he intends to turn into much more. All of Carly’s resolve is put to the test. When it comes right down to it, Dillon is a good man. Geoff Burnside, a man Carly used to date turns up in the small Arizona town, and he seems to be everywhere she goes. It isn’t long before Dillon figures out something is very wrong about the man… Only he discovers Burnside’s past too late. When Carly goes missing, it’s up to Dillon to find her—and save her.

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