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I came to Dasher to start a new life, not fall for my mysterious new neighbor. I’ve felt half-dead ever since I lost my husband, but Anson Miller’s touch makes me feel alive again. Anson keeps telling me he’s a bad guy, no good for me, but I see through his gruff exterior. He’s not the Grinch he pretends to be, but the question is…why is he trying so hard to stay hidden? There’s something lurking in his past, something that could threaten our future. He says he can’t fight it, only outrun it, and until me, he’s never had something worth staying for. He tried to keep his distance, he gave me every reason to stay away. He says he’s not good for me, but when he touches me–nothing has ever felt better.

My much older boss is my one-night stand… and my father’s best friend! This new job was meant to be my fresh start, but the last thing I thought was that my fling would be my new boss. He keeps trying to push me away, saying he’s too old, I’m too young, and he can’t betray my father. But despite his excuses, I’m drawn to his sinful good looks and his innate goodness. He can try and deny it all he wants, but I know he wants me too. Well, forbidden or not, we keep coming together, both desperate to resolve this burning passion between us. All that does is make it worse. The more he fights me, the more I want him. But the truth is I’m terrified. Terrified that it would come down to a choice of him choosing my father over me.

I woke up next to a billionaire after a sizzling one-night stand. I didn’t know he was my best friend’s father. After doing the walk of shame, I realized I was on a blind date with the wrong guy. Who the hell was that smoking-hot billionaire that screwed my brains out? But there’s no time to think; I gotta rush to work. But when I got there, I was fired. Turns out, the client who filed the complaint is none other than Mr. Speak in Tongues. Then he has the nerve to offer me an audacious proposal—fake marriage for cash. Screw it! I have nothing to lose. I make him look good, and he helps me financially. Easy peasy. Wrong. He dominated me, and I couldn’t resist his flesh, especially when his entire length stands tall before me. I just know my friend is going to murder me when she finds out I’m playing cowgirl with her daddy.

Being wrong has never felt so right. But my journey from innocence to ecstasy comes at a price… Growing up, I spent a lot of time in church learning how to be a good girl. But now I’m an adult, and lately, it seems all my thoughts are sinful. Especially my thoughts about three gorgeous, huge, forbidden men. There’s Brax, who works as security at a tattoo shop and is covered in ink. He should scare me, but instead he makes me feel safe enough to do everything I’ve been told is wrong. Erik is an old friend who left the church, and his kindness and fierce protectiveness steady me, even as his touch drives me wild. And Gray, a breathtaking fallen angel of a man, tempts me to explore my every illicit desire. With them, I become a paragon of sin, every encounter a new lesson in decadence, every stroke of pleasure making me crave these wicked men more. But now my parents are insisting I marry someone from their church. A respectable man who knows nothing about my sinful double life. If I tell them the truth, I’ll be condemned and cast out from my family, my community, everything I’ve known. If I don’t, I’ll lose the men who have stolen my heart. Can I bear to give up my heaven on earth?

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