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Second Chance at Seattle General. Their med school love burned bright, fueled by stolen moments and a shared dream. But a hidden truth tore them apart, forcing them to chase separate futures. Years later, a twist of fate reunites them at Seattle General. He’s no longer the charming student, and she’s a guarded doctor. Passion reignites, but the embers of their past threaten to consume them. Can they face the truth and rekindle the flame, or will their secret forever hold them captive?

This four-book steamy romance series is impossible to put down. It will take you away to a world where shifters are full of passion and desire. Books included in this series:

* Bad Boy Bartender’s Second Chance
* Doctor’s Second Chance
* Lawyer’s Second Chance
* Silver Fox’s Second Chance

Bad Boy Bartender’s Second Chance: My life revolved around my first love until one night changed everything. Now destiny is reuniting us. I’ve returned to Cedargrove. My grandmother’s dying wish keeps me in my hometown after being gone for ten years. My neighbor, Thane – former high school sweetheart – has also returned to care for his ill father. But there’s no joy in our reunion. I was his first love, and he still holds on to painful memories. Our paths keep crossing, and we can’t forget what once was between us. I know his body too well, like the back roads behind the stadium. One look from him tells me that he remembers mine too. But I’m still carrying a secret that demands to be free. Even if he were brave enough to put his heart on the line for me again, Will he forgive me for keeping that secret? 

The two of us have been best friends forever. But it turns out, one of us is a phony. Gabe and I are the dynamic duo of Hunter’s Creek and have been ever since we were kids. My bestie is not only sweet and loyal, but he’s totally hot in that flannel-wearing lumberjack way of his. Not that I see him like that. Well, not since we kissed that one time back in high school. Thank goodness we have each other, because life in a small town can bore the socks right off you. At least that was true until Hollywood showed up, bringing along hottie Joe Turner. Joe has my head turning so swiftly, I might just earn a degree in neck gymnastics. But here’s the thing: Gabe isn’t exactly Joe’s number one fan, and when your bestie doesn’t like your romantic interest, it sure puts a dent in things. As for the Hunter’s Creek Ladies Committee, a squad of women with such fine-tuned meddling ways to make a soap opera jealous, they’re convinced Gabe’s harboring a secret crush on me. Which is crazy. Everyone knows we’re just friends. Aren’t we?

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