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One look at my father’s best friend after three years, and I know I’m screwed. I’ve spent most of my teenage years secretly crushing on Beau Reynolds. But now? I’m a woman, and he’s all man. One moment after another we are crossing a line that I never thought we would. Neither of us can seem to stop, no matter how forbidden it is. This can be our little secret. All it takes is one picture in the media for our perfect bubble to pop and my daddy is furious. My heart knows what it wants and it’s him. That’s why I need to take control. It’s time my father understands that I’m not a little girl anymore. And for Beau to realize this type of love – it’s a forever type thing.

Billionaire Chase Sutton didn’t expect to meet the woman of his dreams when he did a favor for a friend. Jenna Kendall should have been off limits for the sexy doctor. She was too young for him, and a relationship with her would put his friendship with her dad in jeopardy. But as Chase watched her cuddle babies in her volunteer position in the NICU, he knew nothing was going to stop him from building a family with Jenna.

MMA’s my arena, but this phony relationship, baby bump included, challenges all my skills. Heart pounding, music blaring, and surrounded by the chaos of the party I spot her – a blonde with curves that beg for attention. I stride toward her, my entourage trailing like shadows. An opponent gets to her before me and tries to play the alpha. But my ex-SEAL instinct kicks in, and I put that pup in his place. Sparks soar between me and the knockout, and the cheering crowd sees it. My attraction to the blonde swiftly turns into a bogus inferno of love. Until things get real courtesy of super-hot encounters and a bun in the oven. My carefully crafted image is on the line. Revealing the real, vulnerable me to the one person, where losing could turn out to be a victory.

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