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My daughter’s first day of school is full of surprises. Especially when her new teacher turns out to be my high school sweetheart, the one that got away. When I joined the army sixteen years ago, Harper walked away. Now I’m back, and my only priorities are rebuilding Hickory Falls and raising my little girl. Being a single dad doesn’t mean I’m the lonely lumberjack everyone says I am. But seeing my best friend’s sister for the first time in years has me wanting more. The hurt of past betrayals feels too great to overcome. Giving our love a second chance would mean trusting Harper with my heart, and my daughter’s. Do I risk it all for a potential lifetime with the only woman I have ever loved, or guard our hearts and lose her forever?

I had a one-night stand with Natalie, a girl who’s half my age. Now I must protect her at all costs. In this small town, I keep running into her… accidentally, at first. I’m on a case and cannot get involved… but will break all my rules to save her. Each time we meet, we fall into each other’s arms. Our chemistry ignites, flames erupting beneath the sheets, and I find myself falling for her like molten lava. The taste of her lips on mine is to die for. She confides in me, revealing a chilling truth: her controlling ex is out to find her and keep her for himself. She’s told me why she’s so scared, but I’m afraid to tell her my truth. What she doesn’t know is that I was hired by her ex to find her.

My best friend warned me to stay away, and I tried… But when she crashes my wedding and offers herself as the bride? All bets are off. The plan was simple: Marry and divorce in six months. She gets her niece, and I get my company. But I didn’t plan on Stella driving me to the brink of insanity. Every teasing smirk makes my palms itch, and her defiant submission leaves me rock-hard and throbbing. Living with her re-ignites something inside me. Something that I thought was long dead. And suddenly, I want to break all my rules and tear through her defenses; To make her mine in every sense of the word. Until in a cruel twist of fate, our pasts collide: a painful night from seven years ago. The discovery threatens everything we’ve built, compelling me to give up all I have In exchange for the one thing I now can’t afford to lose: My wife.

It’s been sixteen years since he stole my job and shattered my heart. Marty’s the brooding architect who was once the love of my life until he destroyed my lifelong dream. The betrayal I felt was overwhelming and I swore I would never forgive him. Meanwhile, my dad thinks he’s the puppet master of my love life, and he’s determined to play matchmaker. He’s organized a “retirement celebration”, a tropical love revival for Marty and me. Dad’s version of Cupid in a Hawaiian shirt. With my father retiring, this grumpy single dad and I are again competing for the same job. Marty’s daughter and my father are scheming every minute to find ways to reunite us. Being with Marty again brings back all the hurt and anger I’ve tried so hard to forget. But seeing the tender, sweet side of him with his daughter, reminds me why I once fell in love with him. Resisting this chaotic love trap is like dodging coconuts in a hurricane. I find myself torn between the pain of yesterday and the possibility of tomorrow. Rekindling the love buried beneath the ruins of betrayal may prove to be an impossible challenge.

When a chilling sequence of homicides grips the city, detectives Harry Hunter and Alex Kingswood, find themselves on the trail of an enigmatic woman. Olivia, with her seductive allure, stands as the prime suspect. Torn between duty and the stirrings of a forbidden romance, Detective Kingswood must confront a harrowing dilemma. Is the woman who has captivated his heart capable of such darkness, or is this a waltz of innocence and deception? As passion and peril entwine, will love blind him to the truth, or will he unveil a betrayal most foul?

He is my new boss, but he has no idea he is my baby daddy… Four years ago, I had a one-night stand and woke up alone in the hotel room with no explanation. Little did I know I would meet him again as a single mom of a three-year-old. Ryan Gray – A grumpy billionaire CEO and my worst nightmare. A false scandal forces him into hiding, and I’m now his live-in assistant away from the city. I promise myself I will never be fooled by him again. But he is still hot as ever, and a spark ignites every time our eyes meet. An accidental touch turns into a kiss, and before I know it, I’m having multiple O’s on the kitchen counter. We’re living under the same roof, like a happy family. But he still has no idea he is my son’s dad. I need to tell him the truth soon. Especially now that I’m pregnant with his second baby…

A soldier returns from war and immediately becomes entangled in the mischief of a delightfully interfering matchmaker in this sweet and swoon-worthy mail-order-bride romance. Grace Byrd is secretly in love with Lieutenant Charley Arrington, her oldest sister’s beau, so her heart is shattered when he goes missing in action. She inwardly vows to live out her days as a spinster, unable to imagine giving her heart to anyone else. He suddenly resurfaces, still recovering from battle wounds on the inside and out, and attempts to claim her oldest sister’s hand in marriage. However, he quickly learns that Elizabeth has become a mail-order bride in his absence to help out with her family’s struggling finances. Is this Grace’s second chance to win the heart of the man she loves? Can Charley move beyond his old dreams and replace them with new ones?

I didn’t know I’ve been sleeping with a deadly assassin. Cyrus is danger personified, and our liaison goes beyond the sheets—I’m carrying his child. The night he walks into the bar, my past collides with our future. He creates a fake relationship to protect me, and now we’re off to Greece, the sparks between us igniting a mission fraught with peril. He can’t know about the life growing inside me, but with each shared glance, the truth becomes a harder secret to keep. I’m entangled in his world, torn between love and the dangerous game we play. If only he knew the real reason I can’t let him in, a secret that could shatter everything.

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